March 31, 2009

Mayoral candidates report raising $76,000 ... so far

Eight of Racine's eleven mayoral candidates filed their first campaign finance report on time -- the deadline was yesterday. The City Clerk is still waiting for reports from Jaimie Charon, Raymond Fay and Lesia Hill Driver; Assistant City Clerk Donna Deuster noted that a postmark before the deadline is still acceptable. ("The check is in the mail," is what she actually said.)

UPDATE, 4/1: Two more reports have been received. Details below.
UPDATE, 4/3: And now the last one...see below

All told, they report raising $76,157 -- more than the mayor's yearly salary. Final reports are due 10 days before the May 5 special mayoral election -- but will, no doubt, be amended after that.

Here's the quick-and-dirty from the pre-primary filings:

Robert Turner:
Raised $10,329
Spent $5,391
Donated to himself: $4,000
Received $100 from State Sen. John Lehman
Jody Harding:
Raised $3,0936
Spent $2,792
Donated to herself: $500
Has an $800 loan
Another large donation: $500 from Fred Young
Jim Spangenberg:
Raised $8,125
Spent $4,959
Loaned himself $1,686
Q.A. Shakoor II:
Raised $6,138
Spent $5,101
Loaned himself $4,000
Received $200 from Jim Eastman of Merchant's Moving, and $300 from his boss at Twin Disc, Mike Batten.
Kim Plache:
Raised $8,403
Spent $2,149
Loaned herself $1,000
Two large contributions: $800 from Regine Peterson, general manager of an Omaha, TV station; $803.20 from Jeff Neubauer, owner of Kranz Inc.
Pete Karas:
Raised $11,900
Spent $10,197
Loaned himself: $3,500
Among many $25 donations, there were a couple of big ones: $600 from Yorgan for Mayor, and $600 from People for Todd Price.
Greg Helding:
Raised $13,514
Spent $6,334
Donated to himself: $2,300
One of his largest contributors was Reince Priebus, state GOP party chairman, who gave $500. Other contributors included Cathy Stepp for Senate, $600; and the Racine County Republican Party, $200. Others who donated $800 included campaign treasurer David Namowicz, Alderman Robert Mozol and Charles Johnson, chairman of the city's Police and Fire Commission.
John Dickert:
Raised $14,655
Spent $5,288
The Journal Times initially reports that Dickert filed an incomplete report, but it appears instead that the City Clerk's office failed to notice part of his .xls spreadsheet filing, which was sent via email.
Update, 4/1: Two of the three missing candidates' reports came into the City Clerk's office Wednesday morning.

Jaimie Charon:
Raised $0
Spent $299.54 on yard signs
Raymond Fay:
Raised $930.
Spent $492.30
Update, 4/3: The Journal Times reports this morning that the final candidate has filed.

Lesia Hill-Driver:
Raised $1,623
Spent $1,485.35


  1. Nice job cherry picking donors to make your points. Why not just print all the donors?

  2. These reports say volumes about how a candidate is running his or her campaign and how much support they are receiving within or without the community.

    Surprised that Turner has so little money not generated by himself. 28 years in office should have created a better funding machine than that.

    Any questions that Helding is a moderate conservative is crushed by looking at who gives him money. The circle is completed by his contributions to Vos.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the reports.

  3. Anon 12:33: Because there are hundreds and hundreds of donors, many of their names hand-written on the submitted forms. If you want to pore through them all, feel free. They're public documents. I just picked out some that caught my eye.
    If we find 'em online eventually, we'll post a link.

    Anon 12:34: It didn't seem relevant when I wrote the story, but the Friends of Bob Turner report shows a cash balance of $15,673 (most of that raised in a prior time period).

  4. Those meager 10 and 20 dollar donations from Helding's constituents in the 11th district(me, my neighbors, my husband) do count for something, don't they Anon 12:34? How about waiting to see forms, all the signatures, and all the donations before we run our mouth and get ahead of ourselves? Much appreciated.

  5. I would like to know where this money is spendt also.

  6. Here's my take on this. I am going to look at the bottom of the ladder. I do not want to base my decision on how much money someone raised or spent. If a candidate is resourceful enough there IS free publicity out there and advertisement.

  7. I thought Turner was prohibited from raising money during the budget process. Dustin or Pete, can you look into this?

  8. Anon 11:26: We got you covered in January when the change in Assembly rules was first exempted races like the mayor's race.

    See our story here.

  9. Turner's getting a free ride on this one. Union guys' just nodding and smiling and pulling the lever.

    There's no fighting that machine. Economy going down the toilet and Racine will remain the best place in the country to get paid $40 an hour to sleep in a parks department truck.

    Go Bob - 'suck em dry.

  10. "Turner's getting a free ride on this one. Union guys' just nodding and smiling and pulling the lever."

    Not anymore. Most of the union employees live outside the city - like the head of 67, Scott Sharp. Someone should ask Sharp about the sweetheart side agreement that Becker gave him to do more union work on city time.

  11. If I was to vote on the amount received in donations as opposed to the amount spent by the candidates, Jody would get my vote. It appears that she used her donations as the donators intended her to, on her campaign. When I see the other candidates spending considerably less than they received it makes me wonder what they are doing with the money and why their donators aren't questioning it.