April 4, 2009

Election notes: Tracking campaign ads

Couple of notes from the campaign trail ...

Pete Karas was the first mayoral candidate to do TV. Here's the ad running on cable over the weekend:

Greg Helding put together a campaign video on You Tube. Here it is:

Karas and John Dickert are also running radio ads. Dickert here. Karas here.

(Note to readers: Let us know if there are other ads out there.)


  1. What do either of these tell us? Not helpful. Not informative. No doubt we've created a campaign environment for every office in the U.S. that requires candidates to morph into what they think we want and not develop any specifics.

  2. You're missing the Plache ad with a Mount Pleasant cop on it.

  3. We are sorely lacking leadership in this country, Racine in particular.

  4. Karas is campaigning solely on green energy and his ideas for a public utility - however, the Renewable Energy groups in Madison (who actually are successful with green issues) tried to talk to him a few times, and pretty quickly discovered that Karas hasn't the faintest intention of getting any of these "progressive ideas" of his going. It's all a big campaign ploy to get elected.

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