April 4, 2009

Property Transfers: Shopping center sells for $1.8 million; Gas station for $1 million

The shopping center near the Pick N Save across from Regency Mall sold for $1.8 million in March. It was the largest real estate transaction in Racine County last month (Click here for the property transfers).

The shopping center at 6116 West Regency Drive includes Papa John's and Cousins.

Also in March ...

The Durand Avenue Mobil Mart, 8920 Durand Ave., sold for $1.056 million.

The J-S reported: Razor Sharp Fitness bought 5.7 acres of land from ARB Enterprises at 7418 Washington Ave. in Racine. The property sold for $840,000.

The above building at1042 College Ave. in Racine sold for $770,00.

Alignment by Klamm at7932 W. Washington Ave. sold for $675,000.

The home at 100 12th St. in Racine was the highest price home sale in Racine County in March. It sold for $362,000.

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