March 29, 2009

Video: Mayoral candidates talk about their top issues

RacinePost caught up with the mayoral candidates for brief interviews before Community for Change's mayoral forum on March 23. Here's the candidates:

(Jim Spangenberg, Pete Karas, John Dickert, Q.A. Shakoor, Raymond Fay)

(Greg Helding, Jody Harding, Jaimie Charon, Bob Turner, Kim Plache)

Special thanks to Marie Block for editing the videos.


  1. Golly, if I could lay out a suggestion to Kim, control that hair, pull it back or whatever, it looks unkept and disheveled. That being said, I say she is one of the front runners, I like what she says.

  2. Too bad no one captured a photo of her at the end of her closing comments where she dropped her head to the table in exasperation and kept it there while the next candidated spoke. If closing comments are going to stress her out that much, how is she going to handle the city. She must be tired from her recent move into the city, the move that is necessary to qualify her to be mayor. Carpetbagger Kim.

  3. Awww, c'mon, it was a joke. And we all laughed.

  4. Karas, though I doubt I'll be voting for him, nailed it when he talked about the "wall" between the residents and city government. Definitely true! It didn't used to be that way when Becker first came on board. At first he seemed like a breath of fresh air, but then after a few years things changed.

    I'd say looking back, the most dramatic change in city hall and walls coming up was when Ben Hughes started working for the city. From that point on, everything was hush-hush, meetings were closed, information difficult to get. The moral dropped considerably.

    Now that Hughes is gone, the feeling of secrecy has left city hall. Now, all we need is a good mayor to fill the seat.

  5. While watching that, I felt like Dickert was trying to sell me a piece of property. He's got the used car salesman personality down to a tee.

  6. Helding's only stand is gangs..get real. Why are you just focusing on gangs. We have bigger problems on the table. Taxes on every homeowner and now our water is 20% higher why? It all seems to be someone agenda to make money on the poor and middle income.

    If you care the MAYOR and city jobs and wages should be reviewed on if it is earned. Let the people decide on the wage. You should take care of the people not worrying if you can get property from gangs. Get real who really owns them. We need someone that knows they work for us! Not that we work for you. I do not receive a payck or benefits. I think all city employee's need to realize we pay your cks and we are not happy on being pushed anymore.

    Gov and politics have gone to far. Give me someone that makes an honest dollar over someone that plays the game. I do not care for Rep/Dem you both have gone too far with our money!!!!

  7. Dickert's by far the most physically attractive candidate.

  8. "Why are you just focusing on gangs. We have bigger problems on the table."

    Not in my neighborhood, we don't. I'm tired of the dealers working in the open because they know they can. I'm tired of seeing the cars meet up to exchange dope and money. I am tired of staying in at night because of knuckleheads with guns.

    I'm glad at least one of these guys is facing up to the fact that we need to take on these thugs and get them out of town.

  9. Charon did not have the success this time around. However, I see him as a future leader of Racine and would like to see and hear more from him in the future.