April 3, 2009

First Friday's music banishes the cold

Groove Factor rocked Monument Square

OK, let's be honest: It was a little too cold at barely above 40° to be wandering around Downtown Friday night. And Sunday's forecast of snow didn't help, either. But that didn't stop a surprising number of people -- bundled though they were -- from enjoying the street music, the galleries and many open shops during the season's First Friday celebration.

Yes, many were still wearing winter parkas, and carrying cups of coffee. Monument Square's beer tent didn't seem to be getting much business.

Two of the three sets of street musicians, in fact, took refuge inside for part of the evening. But the fact is, they warmed up the joint, and everybody had a good time.

Monument Square was positively rocking to the sound of Groove Factor. They had a little help from two propane heaters, but truth be told the three musicians put out plenty of heat on their own.

Totally taking refuge inside was Jay Harris, who accompanied his own vocals on the guitar and mouth organ inside McAuliffe's on the Square.

Farther down Sixth, we found hot jazz -- Coltrane among other greats -- energetically delivered by the Trip Tech Trio, using drums, a sax and a trombone to set the entrance to Blueberries on fire.

Next month will be warmer, but First Fridays, even in the cold, lived up to its reputation as the place to be early in the month.

Jay Harris ably accompanied himself

Cool jazz from the Trip Tech Trio

I have no clue what these two were up to, rushing Easter


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