March 19, 2009

Wisconsin Green Party hosts economics forum Saturday

The Wisconsin Green Party is holding a forum Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. on how to grow an environmentally and fiscally responsible economy.

The event, at Blueberries Restaurant, 522 Sixth St., is a fairly transparent way for the state party to support Pete Karas' campaign for mayor. (Karas is a member of the Green Party.) But it's likely to bring up some interesting ideas on how a city with a decaying industrial core can rethink how it will create and maintain jobs.

Given how the city consistently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, it may be time for a new approach to how local leaders think about the economy.

That said, people need to ask tough questions at a forum like this. It's safe to say the city needs concrete actions to improve its economy - not more plans.

Here's a description of Saturday's event:
What: The Wisconsin Green Party will be hosting a local economics forum in Racine, March 21, with several experts from around the state of Wisconsin presenting on environmentally and fiscally sustainable methods for growing a local economy.

The agenda will be as follows:

1 p.m.: John Peck, Economist, Family Farm Defenders, Relocalizing a Community's Economy-from land trusts and local currencies for farmer markets and worker collectives

2 p.m.: Panel discussion on economic issues and solutions with Greg David- The Natural Step to Green Economies, and Michael Slattery- Energy-what you can do at the local level

3 p.m.: Amy Mondloch of the Grassroots Leadership College will lead an open discussion with the general public and membership toward an economic plan to take home to our respective communities.
Following the forum, there will be a "Party with Pete Karas" at Park Six from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. featuring Jim Schwall.


  1. I'm Gumby, dammit3/20/2009 9:43 AM

    Racine is getting greener and greener all the time as Karas and the city council drive more and more manufacturers out of town. It is a self-fulfilling proposition. If it costs $100k plus to hook up a bunch of washing machines, what does it cost to open a new factory in the city?

  2. Karas is on the city council? Not the last time I looked.

  3. The $100 K to open the laundromat was punitive - such an establishment wasn't sexy enough so it was made too expensive to open. The Politburo has decided - again. Then again, I was told in another thread that a laundromat would "attract more low-income people to Racine".

    Empty store fronts and businesses are pretty darn green. Let's make some more!

  4. Gumby and 9:58

    Doyle hears you in Madison as does Obama in DC both are working to kill as many jobs as they can.
    Thank God that Mason is such a good lap Dog of Doyle that he will help Doyle kill over 200 Union jobs and last count 40 Million of Investments ( Production spending that will not be made without film tax credits) in Film the Greenest of all jobs!
    Yes Thank God that Mason rather go to Michagan to drive those cost out of site then stay here and help Wisconsin recive more investment

  5. Sorry
    Mason helping to drive Heath Care Costs up

  6. Great news for Corry! Not only has CBS pulled a series from Wisconsin that would have given 25+ great jobs for 13 weeks, but a major $25+ Million film is going to Vancouver instead of Wisconsin !
    Thanks Corry for the great job your doing bring jobs to Wisconsin!

  7. So is this an economic forum, or a fundraiser? I didn't have time to read between the lines......