March 16, 2009

Forsman running for Mount Pleasant clerk/treasurer

Kim Forsman is challenging incumbent Juliet Edmands for Mount Pleasant clerk/treasurer in the April 7 spring elections.

Forsman is running on these issues:

1. The village's election process needs to be more efficient.
2. The village's records Management system is broken, important records are lost.
3. Village records don't seem to be open.
4. Customer service needs to be a priority.

If elected, Forsman said she would develop and document processes and procedures for records management, the election process and customer service by:

1. Streamlining the election process to make it more efficient.
2. Utilizing technology already in place to publish and maintain records, making it easier for residents to locate the information needed.
3. Developing and documenting processes so records don't get lost.
4. Developing and documenting procedures to save time locating records by utilizing technology already in place.
5. Working with the County Clerk and Village/City Clerks within Racine County and the State of Wisconsin.
6. Working with the County Treasurer.
7. Creating a welcoming atmosphere. "We are here to serve."
8. Using her gifts and talents to help people.

Forsman is a life-long Racine resident who has lived in Mount Pleasant for the last 13 years. She has an associates degree in business management. She is married and has two children.

For more information about Forsman's campaign: visit


  1. She has to follow state law, not try to do it her own way.

  2. It is time for a change, good luck.

  3. When Mount Pleasant is last in getting in election results;misplacement? of records that appear out of the blue; open records request not until 'Staff' has okayed, and get back to residents as soon as possible, while being in an amicable way. There has to be a change, NOW.

  4. It is time for a change at the clerk level at the village. The current clerk has debased the position with her unprofessional attitude and her constant talking down to the people who put her in office. She lacks the education and the people skills to remain in this job...we need a fresh face in this position NOW

  5. The first comment is confusing because the current clerk seems to struggle to meet the open records law related to Village records. Open records means easy to access records given to the public without a battle, threats of fees and insults. To accomplish that duty the records need to be organized and easy to access by the Clerk's staff.

    According to the Post's interview Kim looks like she wants to do the job the right way. To do things right there must be a change in this position.

    Also is anyone besides me noticing that signs for the current group in Village Hall are mainly going in developers and business people that don't live here lots while the signs for change are going in people's yards that actually live here.

    There are some good people running this round I hope the voters figure it out by April 7th and vote.

  6. This is exciting. Mount Pleasant voters will have another choice on the ballot. Kim Forsman will be very good as village clerk/treasurer.

    We are so fortunate to have someone campaign on basic and important traits lacking in that office today.

    "Fair" "Friendly" "Accurate" "Responsible" "Ethical"

  7. I know Kim and she really is the best choice for the Mt. Pleasant village clerk...Juliet Edmands has been in the job way too long she feels she doesn't have to be accountable to anyone. She is rude and very umfriendly. Mt. Pleasant is moving towards changing. To continue this change let's remove Juliet Edmands as the village clerk..she no longer deserves the position nor the $55,000 salary to continue to be rude and unfriendly to the taxpayers of Mt. Pleasant. Vote for Kim on April 7th

  8. It is such a relief to have a choice again in the Mt. Pleasant elections.We had it in 2008 and now we have it again in 2009. For so long, we did not have this option. It was what the Andreasen/Milkie machine put out there for candidates and this is all we got. Keep Democracy alive by encouraging people to run for office and not for the usual uninspiring and drone candidates the village staff thinks we are suppose to vote for. Kudos to the citizens group that helps keep democracy alive in Mt. Pleasant. I know you get some bad press but carry on there are those of us who appreciate you.
    Vote for Kim Forsman on April 7th.

  9. I drove by developer land today. Wow! It's clear who the incumbents are working for. Kim's signs are all on residential property. Good for her! She has my vote!

  10. I agree about the signs. Kim Forsman is doing it right. You would think the incumbents would learn.

    Last year they did the same thing and got beaten badly by Harry Manning, who didn't use developer land or public land for his signs. Last year the records finally revealed they raised $5500 (mostly from developers). Wonder if they are getting developer money this year too, since they are slow to learn.

  11. We need a new village clerk. Juliet Edmands does not like to give information out when an open records request has been made, even though it is the law, she is above the law. Though we all know she is not that smart, she is being held up by the staff and this same staff will fight to keep her in so she can continue her misinformation and badmouthing the residents of Mt. Pleasant in the village newsletter. Go have a lot of supporters, don't let the Edmands machine discourage you. Edmands time is just about up.
    Vote for Kim April 7th

  12. It has been known for a long time that Juliet Edmands is not qualified to be the clerk treasurer. She went from working for Ron Meyer in the planning dept to the current position with maybe a few village positions in between. Rumor has she wants to replace Sue Brewer and Sue Sterns her two competent deputies with her lackeys Jo Gleason and Stephanie Kohlhagen. So the clerk position will continue to be a free for all with residents still being badmouthed and talked down to. Residents vote to bring respect back to the position of clerk treasurer in the village. Edmands has disgraced it far too long with her arrogrance and ignorance.