March 18, 2009

Top Modine exec resigns after six weeks in post

Wow, speak of your revolving door.

A top Modine executive -- promoted to vice president just six weeks ago -- has resigned.

Thomas Cromwell, a 16-year Modine Manufacturing employee, was named regional vice president, in charge of all Modine's operations in North and South America, on Jan. 14. He took office on Feb. 1.

Today, Modine announced that he has resigned. No reason was given. He'll be replaced by Scott Bowser, an 11-year employee, who most recently was managing director of the company's Brazilian operation.

Cromwell had replaced James Rulseh, who retired.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I smell a rat; or scandal.

  2. Could be health related too...

  3. I believe that job consists of alot of travel time. It's hard, very hard. I don't know if that is the reason but it is a job that takes it's toll.

    Yes, health related, I doubt a rat or a scandal.

  4. When offered a position usually one would inquire the job requirement. Heavy travel is NO FUN!

  5. He most likely left for a better position....something that he'd been working on before his appointment as V.P of the America's?