March 15, 2009

West Racine Farmers Market expands; opens May 15

The first West Racine Farmers Market of 2009 will take place on Friday, May 15.

Here's an update on what 9th District Alderman Terrence McCarthy and 13th District Alderman Jim Spangenberg have been working on to enhance the market:
- Adding a third day this year. In addition to Tuesday and Friday mornings, the market will now be open Wednesday afternoons. Looking at possibilities for entertainment on Wednesdays.

- Fresh-cooked foods. We're upgrading the electricity at the request of the farmers so they can use grills to prepare their food.

- Picnic tables will be put out by the Parks department at Erskine Park (catty-corner from the market near the cannon).

- Working with Park High School on a community garden at the disused tennis courts. They are investigating having a stand at the Farmers Market.
"We're building on the success of last year's West Racine Farmers Market. We want to make it a staple of the community and a draw for the area. This is a great use of the land until we find the right development. Even then, we'll find a way to continue the Market," McCarthy said.


  1. This is true economic development for West Racine!
    Will bring folks to this area and neighbors talking with neighbors!
    Thank You Gentlemen for expanding this!
    You Rock

    Far better then turning it to a slum!

  2. Great activity. Hopefully we will see lots of people come out. Glad to see others getting involved and all the expansion.

  3. Where exactly is the West Racine Farmers Market located?

  4. 3100 block of Washington Ave., on the south side. Same lot where a big apartment development was recently nixed by the City Council.

  5. Now who as Mayor would back projects like this and who might think build!! build!!! build!!!!
    Who cares if its a slum?