March 17, 2009

Rep. Turner invites Miss Wisconsin to Legislature

State Rep. Robert Turner, D-Racine, announced today that Miss Wisconsin 2008, Briana Lipor of Racine, has accepted his invitation to address the State Assembly as a special guest.

Miss Wisconsin will give her remarks at the start of floor session in the Assembly Chambers at the State Capitol on Tuesday, March 24, beginning at 11 a.m.

(Bob, you old dog! Now I understand why you were one of only two mayoral candidates who did not appear at the Racine Taxpayers Association forum at noon today -- it was taking place just about the same time you were sending me an email with this announcement! For the record, the other no-show at the forum was Lesia Hill-Driver.)


  1. I thought Racine had a mayor that cared for the ladies and not his elected position already?

  2. Doyle's army3/18/2009 9:27 AM

    Two words: tiara tax

  3. By the off-topic way, nice mention of Racine Post here:

  4. Lesia Hill-Driver had a family emergency and is out of town.

  5. I think Bob rocks out! I wounder if Miss Wisconsin wants to be in a film....
    " Yes, Ms. Lipor it is critical in this scein that your character take a shower as the Hell Spawn looks for you..."

    The Mayor's Race who cares! When you can meet Ms. Wisconsin