March 16, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Ron Thomas endorses Bob Turner for mayor

Ron Thomas and Bob Turner in 1986.

To The Editor:

My first introduction to Mayoral Candidate Bob Turner was at a community rally at the Racine Labor Center December 4, 1980. It was a rally called for the purpose of keeping Massey Ferguson in Racine and to save hundreds of jobs.

Alderman Turner and I met again in the early 1980’s as he stood by the working men and women again and again as plant after plant closed. So it was not a coincidence that I supported Alderman Turner for Mayor in 1987 as he had time and time again stood up for keeping family supporting jobs in Racine.

As a member of the City Council from 1989 to 2003 I watched my friend Bob, as chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committee, oversee dozens of critical economic decisions that greatly impacted the development of our community.

I support Representative Bob Turner for Mayor because when candidates talk about jobs and the economy, they are an echo of Bob Turner.

Ron Thomas
1429 Grange Ave.
Racine, WI 53405


  1. yeah okay sure, NO! Does Ron Thomas then want to run for Turner's Assembly seat?

    Turner is the absolute last person to be mayor.

  2. Love ya to death Ron but no! Pete K for Mayor, Helding for Mayor Q.A for Mayoreven Jim S. for Mayor but not Turner

  3. Seriously Ron, what's wrong with you?

  4. my friend Bob says it all.
    Turner gets in and there is a long line of people who are going to move up the ladder and Ron is one of them.
    Can anyone endorse someone they won't get direct kickbacks from? Sheesh!

  5. Bob Turner has all this union backing so he can do just like Jim Smith did and give the unions in the city everything they want. Look how well that worked out for the city in the past, great if you like the city in deeper debt!
    And, he's got a couple of these rough types in the African American community that are going to go out and do those knock and drags and verbally harang people in their community to vote Turner. Then he will give them city jobs that can be appointed by the mayor and put them on committees and that is going to really sink what's left of Racine.

  6. The problem with Bob turner becoming mayor is that it legitimizes the people who surround him... people like Craig Oliver, who are anything BUT legitimate.

  7. Yes anonymous 9:05 - I agree wholeheartedly. If Turner would disassociate himself with people like that I'd probably take him more seriously.

  8. Is there any question now that it would be expensive for tax payers to vote for Turner.

  9. Awesome picture! What a great candid shot of Racine history.

  10. "dozens of critical economic decisions that greatly impacted the development of our community"

    Racine is not doing so hot and Turner wants to take credit? Good luck!

  11. They couldn't have found/used a more current picture??????

  12. Ron is a nice enough guy--to everyone's faces.....