February 26, 2009

Racine police make arrest in 10-year-old case

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this looks like good police work:
On Tuesday, February 24, 2009, investigators arrested Michael E Westman, 35, on a charge of Reckless Homicide. It was determined that Mr Westman was responsible for causing the injuries resulting in the death of his child (Morgan M Westman, born Nov. 3, 1998) while under his care in the home. Morgan died on March 31, 1999.

Follow-up investigation into this matter was initiated during the course of an active case involving sexual abuse, where Mr Westman was identified as a possible offender. In examining his relationship with the victim in the current case, the investigator put forth extraordinary efforts in examining the past case involving members of the same family.

During the course of the follow-up investigation into this matter, the lead investigator was able to re-contact medical professionals (including those that were now out of state) and Human Services Department workers involved in the original suspicious death incident. As a result, the investigator was able to provide enough information to support the Reckless Homicide charge.

In the original case, it is believed that the young child suffered irreversible injuries as a result of actions known to be symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome. That child (within days after Mr Westman was caring for her) died at Childrens’ Hospital of Wisconsin when the mother made the difficult choice to remove the baby from life support systems. At this time, no other information will be made available.

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