February 23, 2009

Becker seeking gets OK for out-of-state treatment

UPDATE: The court on Tuesday morning, after a half-hour hearing, gave Gary Becker approval to attend in-patient treatment at the KeyStone Center near Philadelphia. Efforts by District Atty. Michael Nieskes to instead have him receive treatment here, or to raise his cash bond, were rejected by Judge Stephen Simanek. Becker is expected to check in to the residential facility for the six-week treatment regimen later this week. To accommodate the treatment, Becker's April 3 pre-trial hearing was moved to April 24. More later...

Original post:

Former Mayor Gary Becker, who faces a 9 a.m. bail/bond hearing tomorrow in front of Judge Stephen Simanek, has filed a motion that appears to seek permission to obtain treatment out of state.

The motion filed by Becker's attorney cites the cases of 16 defendants who, as Atty. Patrick Cafferty spells out, were facing "similar charges to the charges filed against Defendant" but who "have not been restricted by the conditions of their bonds from leaving Racine County or the State of Wisconsin while their cases were pending in Racine County." The cases cited ranged from 1999 to 2002, and required bonds between $5,000 and $50,000.

Becker's present $10,000 bond restricts him to Racine County, except for trips to Milwaukee for medical treatment.

Cafferty filed an attachment with his motion containing the address and a description of an inpatient treatment program at the KeyStone Center, 2001 Providence Ave., Chester, PA, 16 miles from Philadelphia. KeyStone's website describes it as "a residential center for healing from Sexual Compulsivity and Trauma."

The 16-bed sexual extended care unit, part of a larger 116-bed residential facility for treatment of addictions like gambling and alcoholism, is for persons who "have a primary problem with sexually compulsive behavior, sex addiction and/or trauma. Persons with love addiction and co-dependency behaviors are also considered and encouraged to apply. Clients must be physically and cognitively able to participate in the program."

At Becker's last court appearance, on Feb. 10, he stood mute and the court entered not guilty pleas on his behalf to eight charges stemming from a state Department of Criminal Investigation sting that brought him to Brookfield Square Mall in January expecting to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex, but instead finding criminal investigators. The sting was initiated after a city IT worker found inappropriate pictures on a computer Becker gave him to repair. The former mayor is charged with eight felonies relating to child enticement, attempted sexual assualt of a child and possession of child pornography.


  1. Sexual addiction is a powerful and misunderstood illness. I hope you get the help you need.

  2. And the best treatment that protect our kids is a 6* 10 Cell FOREVER

  3. Where do I start? The chances of people with these addictions being cured, is very slim. After treatment, there is a great probability the person will continue with the same behavior. We'll have to see how this plays out in the court system.

  4. If that treatment kicks in fast, maybe he can still run in the election!

  5. Contrary to popular belief, the recidivism rate for sex offenders - including child sex offenders - is among the lowest of any crime, and among that group, those who receive treatment are the least likely to re-offend still.

  6. As a helping professional, I must comment on the above anonymous post about the rate of “cures.”

    An answer about a “cure” – or lack of same – would be very easy to answer if all offenders fit an identical profile.

    However, there are many profiles of a person who acts compulsively with regard to sexual activity – just as there are many profiles with individuals who are caught up with compulsive use of alcohol, drugs, spending, gambling and other high-risk behaviors. Addictions of all kinds affect the brain, and the person’s brain can be retrained to respond to triggers differently and to learn and practice healthy behaviors.

    Many good programs are available for in-depth treatment which often includes treatment for depression and anxiety; I am familiar with the Keystone treatment center, which uses a variety of innovative treatment modalities, including psychodrama, a powerful action method that is often employed in psychotherapeutic settings.

    The web site of Keystone provides a good overall view of how sexual acting-out behaviors can damage people, marriages, jobs and families – just as alcohol and drugs. There is an excellent article by Susan J. Campling, Psy.D., the center’s director, that should answer many common questions.

    Another important resource is Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, a 12-step group that offers a simple and yet very effective program for individuals who are motivated to recover. It is a structured self-help program which is based on the original steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – which has literally helped millions of people to recover from compulsive use of alcohol.

    For more information, see SLAA’s site at: http://www.slaafws.org. Additional links for information can be found at http://www.keystonecenterecu.net/resourcelinks.html.

  7. Is the city insurance paying for this?

  8. Just a way to make himself look good in the courts eye...Only way he'll ever get "better" is to sit in a jail cell for decades

  9. Can anyone point to valid, objective data supporting any of the above statements? I have been in "recovery" from alcoholism for over 15 years. The addiction treatment industry is notorious for lying about its "recovery rate." The best figure I have been able to come up with regarding that (and one borne out both by private admissions of treatment counselors and firsthand experience) is 3%, where "recovery" = total abstinence for 5 years or more.

    The hubris of "mental health professionals" is often matched only by the damage that they inflict upon their clients. The first thing Becker would "learn" in treatment is that he has a "disease." He is a victim. And he will probably "relapse." And that's "OK," it's to be expected.

  10. he gets to go, judge said ok. What a crock

  11. From what I understood he wants to go right away, guess he'll not show up for the small claims action against him.

  12. Orbs-

    You are jaded because you were hurt by a sex offender. I am jaded about alcoholics because of personal experiences dealing with them. The victims of the disease are the people around the addict in addition to the addict.

    We need to find room in our hearts for some compassion here. Sexual addiction can manifest itself in excessive use of pornography, adultery, internet chatting, anonymous sex with strangers - there are many ways to act out. There is always a reason for it. Treatment and recovery is possible.

    Sadly, victims of addicts often become addicts themselves. People hurt by sex offenders will sometimes turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Children of alcoholics will sometimes become sex addicts - constantly seeking the intimacy they do not get from their alcoholic parents. They get intimate, but they never get close to anyone. They feel the same shame and regret that alcoholics and drug addicts feel, but they can't stop. Too many only stop when they are caught by a spouse, they hurt someone, or they catch a disease.

    Orbs - I will pray for your recovery and that of Mr. Becker. Our city needs healing, not more hate.

  13. The patronizing attitude displayed in the above post is why there is no "cure" for addiction, just a revolving door that ensures a never-ending cash flow for the treatment industry.

    Where did I preach hatred here? I asked for facts to back up the "recovery" claims of the treatment industry. Can you provide them, or just more of condescension that you provide to your clients? What I do hate is your smugness. Have the guts to stay logged-in.