February 26, 2009

Madison columnist flames Rep. Vos...

Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, was flamed today by Madison columnist Bill Lueders in The Isthmus for his reaction to one aspect of Gov. Doyle's budget:
Dear Rep. Robin Vos: You told the State Journal that Gov. Jim Doyle's plan to modestly raise income taxes on the wealthiest 1% of the state's residents constitutes "resorting to class warfare" and will undermine investment in the economy.

Wrong, ditto-head! First of all, we already have full- blown class warfare. It's called capitalism. But the side that routinely sustains the greatest casualties rarely fights back.

You want jobs? Investment in the economy? The dumbest thing you can possibly do is let the wealthy keep more of the loot, no strings attached. In fact, giving anyone money with no strings attached does nothing except ensure that they have more money.
Lueders' other targets are here, in the rest of his column.


  1. Mr. Lueders did not mention a single poor individual that has created one job. He has not indicated what jobs the government has created that do not require sustained tax payer funding.

    I can think of one industry that the government might want to highlight - the methanol industry. After a flurry of activity - meaning government mandated use - the industry is close to chapter 7. What a worthless product created by the wisdom of government.

  2. Big government loving liberal flames conservative, film at 11...

    Seriously Pete? Your left wing is showing again.

  3. So tell where in the world there is/was a better economic system than Capitalism? For the past 60 years, the US has enjoyed the strongest economy in the world. What system takes care of the pour better, socialism or Capitalism? We will soon find out after the Dems take Billions out of the private economy to spent it on what they think works. We are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    I agree with Anon 4:14 am. Pete believes that government should control the wealth. Dustin and Pete are Rah, Rah for the left.

  4. Re Previous post: not enough coffee yet and I can't find my dang glasses but it's "POOR" not pour. I just thought I'd try not to become fodder for the grammar police.

  5. So another Marxist hates Voss. so?

  6. I have to agree that this is not the most interesting post on this site. Not really pointing out anything new or interesting. Most regualar readers know Pete and Dustin's political inclinations, and can live with them even if they do not agree. But if they keep up these kinds of posts their audience is going to get smaller as they drive away anyone who is not in their camp.

  7. Wow, a columnist from the liberal Mecca of the Midwest, who, btw, has obviously never taken an economics course, flames Rep. Vos. Whew, I'd be quakin' in my boots if I was him.

    Seriously, when are you guys going to put "news from Racine's flaming liberals" on your banner? Even the J-T is more balanced than you.

  8. Pete and Dustin are leftwing guys, but so what? As for the comment about the Madison columnist not taking an econ course, quite the contrary - it is the Harvard economists who are in the process of running the country into the ground. Cut the deficit by half in four years? This is as funny the promise to "cure all cancers in his first term" Obama made in his speech a few nights ago.

  9. Y'know what? Elected officials realize that not all voters like them. But then, this guy writes for the Isthmus, so we already know his left-wing slant.

    Here's what I find ironic - the Racine Post links to this story that blasts capitalism - and then just three links away, they invite you to "subscribe" to the Racine Post! (can you spell hypocrites & capitalism?)

    Pete and Dustin, if you want to grow your subscriber base and want some of us who support capitalism to send you "subscription dollars" then you are going to have to be much less biased and not let your politically-left leanings show.

    If I wanted to read the Isthmus, then I will read the Isthmus. Please don't add it as your wire-service for economic news!

  10. In the past 16 years:

    How many businesses have added employees and when?

    What was the pay of those new employees?

    What was the increase in pay (from the top down) for those who stayed with their employer?

    How many business owners took more money out of their business?