February 28, 2009

Mayoral candidate forum on March 23 at Gateway

Community for Change, the organization formed by President Obama's supporters in Racine, is holding a forum for mayoral candidates on March 23 from 6-10 p.m. at Gateway Technical College. All eleven candidates have confirmed that they will attend.

This event will feature a panel of Community Organizers, including a representative from RacinePost, who will moderate questions for the candidates on the subjects of the Economy, Environment, Safety & Quality of Life, and Personal Vision & Management Style.

Community Organizations from the Racine area have been invited to submit questions for the candidates in the Feb. 7 primary for mayor.

The event will also feature a Community Organization Expo prior to the forum. Dozens of organizations will be represented to meet the public and candidates and share their work and goals.

The Expo will begin 6pm and the Candidate Forum will follow at 7 p.m. sharp in the Great Lakes Room. Attendees are asked to bring a non-perishable item of food to benefit the Racine County Food Bank.

For more information please see the Mayoral Candidate Forum page on the C4C website here.

Update: John Dickert's campaign backed Community for Change's plans for a food drive by reminding attendees to bring a non-perishable food item. In a press release, Dickert said:
“One of the main points of my campaign is creating partnerships to rebuild Racine’s neighborhoods. This event is an excellent opportunity for individuals to express their personal dedication through a concerted effort to fill Racine’s food pantries. Racine’s food pantries are being used now more than ever, and this effort is just the beginning of bringing a sense of community back."
Organizations participating in the Expo, as of March 22, are:
Ophelia Project
Volunteer Center of Racine County
Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency
Racine Interfaith Coalition
Peace Learning Circles
Racine Arts Council
Transit Now
Voces de la Frontera
Crime Stoppers
Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice
Young Professionals of Racine
Racine Literacy Council
Sierra Club
Racine Taxpayers Association
Racine County Food Bank
Racine Family Literacy
YWCA-Girls Inc.
United Way
Racine Hispanic & Business Association
Habitat Restore


  1. Downtown Racine Company2/28/2009 12:44 PM

    John Dickert has my vote going in to the primary. He and his family shop loyaly in the downtown stores and dine in our restaurants. John has often volunteered to work at our events. He also was involved in the development of the Riverbend Lofts where people with lucrative income can shop in our stores. Most all the downtown business owners support him because they know him through is constant involvement.

  2. John Dickert is quickly showing that he has no clue on how to use WEB 2.0. These posts no more then ads are getting silly.
    Can't wait to get a copy of his election documents from the City.

  3. The only thing that John Dickert has proven is that he is the king of propaganda.

  4. Downtown Racine Company2/28/2009 6:08 PM

    Colt, I guess if you are talking negative about Mr. Dickert, at least you are finally leaving the Racine Post and DRC alone, both whose works are leading Racine in a forward, positive direction.

  5. Ok, so let me get this straight, You like Dickert because he shops downtown and dines in the restaurants? Great! C'mon people! Really? What a joke!

  6. Downtown Racine Company the DRC IMHO is a disaster. Hamas could do a better job.
    Are you saying that Dickert likes the DRC maybe he should talk to some of the store owners.

  7. Hey Clt,
    I like Dickert too. I don't have much to do with him personally because we don't run in the same circles, but from what I have read and seen of his involvment he has alot of community strength. If he has a great deal of this type of support it is safe to assume he will be able to get his programs and ideas off the ground easier because other peoples agendas won't get in the way. In other words he will be working the communities agenda and not his own. I like the fact that he loves his hometown passionately and is willing to anything he can to make the city what is was in it's most successful times.

  8. Downtown wrote:

    "He also was involved in the development of the Riverbend Lofts where people with lucrative income can shop in our stores."

    Drive past this building at 6th and Marquette and tell me if you see more than a couple of lights on. I tend to think that very few units have been sold.

    And "people with lucrative income?" You have to be kidding me!

    He also was involved in the Point Blue fiasco. But that does not fit the "company line."

  9. Downtown Racine Company = Monty Osterman

  10. "In other words he will be working the communities agenda and not his own."

    Really? With all the properties and developments he is into, how is that even possible?

  11. Downtown Racine Company does not equal Monty Osterman. Mr Osterman may like John Dickert but is not Downtown Racine Company.

    Monty Osterman WOULD make a great mayor.

  12. Monte Osterman3/01/2009 9:23 PM

    Thank you for the plug, bit I am NOT running for mayor. We'll leave that to John Dickert and the others. I believe in John. I've known him a long time and I know he can get the job done. We need John, and need him right now. I have seen his ability and am ready for that type of mayor, rock steady, honest, never giving up. He has great courage and great vision.

    I also am not Downtown Racine Company, don't know who that is. Rest assured that if I have something to say I'll put my name behind it.

    By the way, this is an interesting blog, haven't seen it much before, someone brought this to may attention because they saw my name. So while I'm here, and it seems to be the subject of the day, I will ask everyone reading to support John Dickert for mayor. Let's all get out there and vote.

  13. Mr. Osterman

    As much as you rock for all thing things you have done for this city without help and others stealing the credit. I will disagree on John Dickert but that is what is great about the US we can disagree and none of us will be imprisoned for it. (Until Obama has the right laws passed.)

    Sir you do far too many great deeds to be traped in City Hall

  14. I liked Gary Becker as Mayor, therefore, I will be voting for the next best thing...... John Dickert.

  15. Anon 4:54 - those two aren't anything alike.

  16. "He and his family shop loyaly in the downtown stores and dine in our restaurants. "

    Meaning, he's Becker all over again.
    I wish the Becker cronies would just get over themselves and realize that Racine exists outside of the elitist Downtown area.

    And yes, it is elitist. When a woman who has handicapped plates, who just wanted a simple hot chocolate a scant week after having 1/3 of a lung removed is told that she has to walk a block because she can't park off-street in an empty lot isn't elitist, then tell me what is.

    I'm not saying ALL of Downtown is this way, but I've dealt with people there, and a lot of them don't care about anyone but themselves.

    So take your DRC and shove it up Becker's keester. He'd probably enjoy it more than most people do Downtown these days.

  17. anon 10:05 - wow you've obviously got some pent up feelings about former mayor Becker. But why are you lashing out at the bloggers here? I don't recall anyone supporting Becker here.

    So what if any of the candidates support downtown businesses? Where should they shop/eat that would be more appropriate? Most of the restaurants outside of downtown are chain restaurants like Applebees, Panera bread, Olive Garden, Taco Bell, etc etc. Why would eating there be better? Would shopping at WalMart or the Mall be better? I don't get it.

    What exactly is your complaint anon 10:05? What parts of Racine are not "elitist"? Where should a candidate eat?

    By the way I disagree with anyone who says that Becker spent any time with his family downtown. It was a rare occasion that he was ever seen with his wife even though he was downtown very regularly.

    I guess that's something I will always wonder about. Why wasn't his wife EVER with him? Didn't she find it odd that he was out so many evenings without her? I mean c'mon now.

  18. 1:13; obviously you've never been down Lathrop or Durand lately.

    There's plenty of places to dine there, but does anyone bother to pay attention to them? And no, they are not chains either.
    They are all locally owned businesses. But they have no support from the City because of the DRC and it's rather loud cries of "We're Racine!" in the City government's ear.

    As for shopping, I'd rather pay the extra 50 cents in gas to drive out to the Mall area than pay an extra $5 to $10 for an item.

    If Whey Chai ever moved out of Downtown, then I'd never have to look at one of the largest rows of overpriced or empty stores again.

    The point is that there are many places to spend money at in this city. But you'd never notice that because of the DRC and it's hold over the City publicity machine.

    I also note that you don't address my statement on the elitism aspect. Perhaps you can't justify making a 68 yr. old woman as I described walk a block just for hot chocolate, but obviously someone did. Thankfully the officer dispatched did.
    (and that's another story.. how Downtown has immediate response times, but other parts of the city has to wait 15-20 minutes for exactly the same type of call. More proof that the City is run not by the elected officials, but the highest bidder, in this case, the DRC and it's ilk. )

  19. I'm not sure what is elitist about eating downtown. Salute's is a nice little Italian joint, hardly elitist. Shillings, great little pub with nice food. Not elitist. Sticky Rice is the only Thai restaurant in town, hardly elitist either. We used to have the over-priced place run by JWax on the corner, one could possibly call that one elitist, but they are gone now.

    Whey Chey isn't a place I eat at because I don't care for their food, sounds like you like it though. Does that make me elitist?

    Let me see, Lathrop and Durand. There is Dynasty - they are good for breakfast and lunch and I'd bet all the mayoral candidates have eaten there. There is McDonalds and Tacos El Rey on Lathrop, a pizza place. What if I am in the mood for a good steak? Is that considered elitist? Or how about grilled salmon instead of a burrito at Tacos El Rey? Would that make me elitist?

    Quite frankly anon 1:33, sounds like you just have bad taste in food and expect everyone else to share your opinion. You probably also feel the Old Country Buffet is a fine dining experience.

  20. I am torn between Karas, Dickert and Plache. Okay, grind me up for my choices but those three stand out for me.

    As for Dickert being a publicity machine, well, with 11 candidates, someone has to promote themselves or get lost in the shuffle.

    As for Monty, he and his wife are great folks, care about the community and are two of the most level headed individuals I have met in a long time.

  21. A woman who had part of her lung removed and wanted hot chocolate probably should have microwaved it at home. Anyone who would haul a woman out a scant week after part of her lung removed is negligent in taking care of that poor woman! I have taken care of individuals who have had partial lung removal. No way should she have been out for a cup of hot chocolate a "scant week" after removal. Her caretaker should have really sought out a simple place such as Yuni's out on Washington Ave for easy access and short walking distance.

    But Downtown Racine is hardly elitist. We eat downtown all the time. Why? Because they aren't chain restaurants.

    A candidate should be chosen not based on his or her support of downtown but I think, in this instance, it works for many who are looking for a candidate who supports the CITY of Racine.

  22. Dickert = Elitist and 4 more years of Gary Becker (minus the perv).

  23. 6:55

    Do not be so sure

  24. Once again, people can't see the difference between Downtown and the rest of the City.

    The total area of Downtown hardly represents the total area of Racine.

    I can see that people here are just as blind as they are on the Urinal Times.