February 24, 2009

Fay makes it an even 10; Former County Board supervisor running for mayor

Former Racine County Board Supervisor Raymond Fay is the latest candidate to declare he's running for mayor. Fay, who lives at 1523 N. Main St., said he will provide a "moral compass" at city hall, and invoked the name of the late Racine County Executive Dennis Kornwolf.

Here's Fay's full release:
I am running for mayor of Racine because I feel I can offer our citizens an effective and honest city leader. Right now we are at a crossroad - the spot between the down hill road that we have been on and the opportunity to reinvigorate our city with a new administration. This special election for mayor has proven to be a call for change.

I have declared my candidacy for mayor because I see Racine as a community with a rich past and a great future. However, our former administration has shown that they did not have the moral fiber to lead our city in the direction or manner that we deserve.

Racine needs a moral compass at city hall. I will put the city’s needs above my own. My first priority will be to run Racine’s city government fairly and efficiently.

As a former County Board Supervisor representing the 4th District, and as the former County Executive Assistant, under the leadership of Dennis Kornwolf, I helped run an effective and efficient county government. I am running for mayor because I have the experience, the drive and the ability to lead this city in the right direction.

And his background:
Lifelong resident of the city of Racine
Graduated from St. Catherine’s High School
Graduated with B.A. from U.W. – Parkside
Army Veteran – Military Intelligence Analyst

Served On:

RCEDC – Board of Directors
National Emergency Food & Shelter Program (Chairman)
American Red Cross, Local Chapter Board & Executive Director
Racine County Veterans Memorial Project – Board of Directors
Racine’s Columbus Quincentenary Commission
Coordinated Racine County’s legislative outreach to state & federal representatives
Spearheaded Racine County’s successful 9-1-1 program
Racine Public Library – Board of Directors

Currently Involved:

AMVET’s Post 120 – Past Commander –
presently 2nd Vice Commander & Post AdjutantAmerican Legion Post 310


  1. RCEDC – Board of Directors sorry lost my vote.
    RCEDC is great at give no bid contracts out poor at bringing jobs to this area. Good job at trying to stick a slum in West Racine

  2. While gaining experience in the not-for-profit sector, how exactly will Mr. Fay have the foresight to attract private business to Racine?

  3. While gaining experience in the not-for-profit sector, how exactly will Mr. Fay have the foresight to attract private business to Racine?

  4. Mr. Fay left the American Red Cross local chapter in an abysmal mess before being fired by the board of directors.

    So, we know that you have no strong non-profit management experience, Ray, what else would you like to hang your hat on?

    You were the assistant to the County Executive before getting demoted to Human Services.

    You were an unsuccessful candidate for county executive against Jean Jacobsen. That speaks volumes of your electability in Racine.

    You weren't an effective county board supervisor.

    Are you going to pay for this campaign out of your pension fund (or what is left of it)?

    But now you think you have what it takes to run the city? I don't think so.

  5. Maybe you should do some research before you make comments about things that you don't have all of the information about. First of all Mr. Fay was not fired he did not renew his contract with the American Red Cross. As for the condition he left the local chapter in he increased the amount of donations, added a third county and managed to bring the chapter several thousands of dollars out of debt.

    Raymond Fay left his position as the Assistant County Executive to run for another office, he was not demoted as you put it.

    He may have lost to Jean Jacobsen but if you take a look at the other canadites he is not the only person to have lost to someone in an election. I do not feel that it shows he does not have electability in Racine.

    I believe that Dennis Kornwolf felt differently. He appointed Raymond to Assistant County Executive due to his performance as the County Board Supervisor.

    I feel that everyone has a right to their own opinion but I also feel that if you are going to state something as if it where a fact, that you should do so with all of the correct info.

  6. The audit following Mr. Fay's departure will provide more than enough detail of Mr. Fay's stewardship of the Racine-Kenosha Chapter of the American Red Cross. Then review the fund amount of funds raised from the local community in the following years. Let the financial facts provide the details.

  7. Vote for Raymond Fay. He is the best candidate for Mayor of Racine. Fay = Mayor.

  8. Ray, you need to stop posting on this blog as anonymous.

    I have my facts straight on your Red Cross firing because I was one of many who were called in to help clean up your mess after your departure.

    Dennis Kornwolf told me personally about your "reassignment" which was completely unrelated to your unsuccessful run for public office.

    Spin it however you want to, but the facts will always remain the facts and its hard to refute the truth!

    The voters deserve better from the self-proclaimed "Moral Compass" of the City of Racine.

  9. "Moral Compass"? Let he who has not sinned...

    I'm not saying Becker was OK, but you are only setting yourself up for failure if you are going to be the moral compass for the city.

    BTW, Dennis Kornwolf is OLD NEWS. Maybe someone with ties to Gerald Ford should run, too.

  10. This is the BIGGEST joke of the mayoral race so far. Ray Fay has his accomplishments listed here. RCEDC - have lost more jobs and opportunities than created, Red Cross - it's been shown several times how he screwed that up, Veterans project and Columbus project - let Mr. Fay explain how badly he screwed over several local contractors on both these projects, Legislative Outreach - oh please, picking up the phone and asking for favors is not "outreach", Library - we can all see how that went / Mr. Fay has big thoughts and a big mouth, but is short on ability and understanding.