February 25, 2009

Josie and her siblings are waiting for you

Meet Josie. She's a beagle mix who is just eight weeks old. Her mother came to the Countryside Humane Society and delivered four puppies. So if Josie isn't quite right for you, then maybe you should take a look at her brother, Patrick, or her sisters Phylis and Blanche.

And while you're at the shelter, look around. There's a lot that's new: the lobby and cat room have been painted, the parking lot's been black-topped, there's a new roof and new stencils on the front window. Lots to see while you're trying out a new pet.

Take Josie for a cuddle at Countryside Humane Society, 2706 Chicory Road, or call (262) 554-6699.

1 comment:

  1. we got our dog from CHS. GREAT addition to the family. CHS was great to work thru to get her and it has been 10 years. she is greying and has slowed down a step now but so am i.