February 22, 2009

And the winner of Snowdance is ...

Barbara Akey, Rich Smith, Rick Ditter
and John Adams
in Dressed Up Like a Douche

The Snowdance 10-Minute Comedy Festival wrapped up Sunday afternoon with the awarding of the coveted "Best in Snow" Award, as voted on by audiences during the three-week run. Here's how the voting shook out:

3. "Love is a Battlefield," by W. Patrick Fogarty. This was Racine's lone finalist in the festival, and it was a crowd favorite.

2. "Here to Serve You," by Barbara Lindsay of Seattle, Wash. Not a big surprise about the top two plays. Ask anyone who's been to Snowdance and there's a good chance this play about a lost shoe in an airport terminal this was in their top three.

And the big winner ...

"Dressed up Like a Douche" by Rick Park of Boston, Mass. There's been great buzz about this play, based on the Bruce Springsteen/Manfred Mann song, since opening night. Looks like that buzz carried Park to the $300 top prize.

Big winner No. 2 ...

The Over Our Head Players. The ensemble cast led by Rich Smith kept the Snowdance magic rolling this year with sold-out performances and a move to the larger Memorial Hall for the last weekend. Here's looking forward to Snowdance 2010!

Sea Daniel, Brad Kostreva, Jenny Kostreva
and Joseph Piirto in Love is a Battlefield


  1. The closing ceremony's Dance of the Salmon was beautiful.

  2. ...and smelly.

    I would know.. 'twas I spinning around with it.

    Clyde (the fish) did a commendable job.

  3. We really enjoyed the show. Congratulations to all were involved in the performance and and good work in making more seats available by moving it to Memorial Hall. We were finally able to get tickets because of the move.