February 28, 2009

Harding reverses position on taking away right to vote

Mayoral candidate Jody Harding has reversed her position on wanting to take away the right to vote from people who receive government aid. Harding credited bloggers with changing her mind on the issue. (As well she might; our story on her position garnered 84 comments, mostly negative.)

She has removed her original post, entitled "Henny Penny and the Right to Vote," and writes:
I discovered it no longer represents my beliefs. The fact of the matter is that it never truly represented my beliefs, as I had not fully thought through the consequences of such an action as I suggested.
Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin picked up the original story Friday on his blog, Waxing America. He pointed out that Harding's initial position signaled "a return to 1790s when only white male property owners would have the right to vote."

Soglin listed "all of the glorious groups of Americans" that would be disenfranchised:
  • All of the executives and of the banks and insurance companies that were part of the first $800 million bailout will lose the right to vote.
  • They will be joined by all of the automobile manufacturers and capitalists who benefited form the second bailout.
  • Anyone who has unpaid parking tickets, since that debt to the government is really a free loan so long as it is unpaid.
  • Of course, any property owner who owes real estate taxes loses the right to vote along with those who fail to pay their income taxes - another form of government subsidization.
  • Recipients of tax incremental financing (TIF) along with any form of development tax break clearly qualifies as a subsidy and would lead to disenfranchisement.
  • I suppose Jody might argue about this next one, but anyone who gets a bloated, fat, government contract without a bidding process like Blackwater should also lose the right to vote.


  1. Reverses position? Didn't think it through?

    Wow. Too little, too late.

  2. She has a lot to learn! Perhaps she should take a history class to learn more about our Country and the rights of "the people".

    I'll bet she will become the next... "Biggest Loser" in the upcoming election.

  3. Even though it's in our constitution that we have a right to vote no matter what, she opened her mouth spoke her peace and she is not getting my vote, changing her tune or otherwise

  4. She's a day late and a dollar short. She made her bed, now she can lay in it, not getting my vote either.

  5. Flip floping all-ready and not even elected. I cannot tell the difference bewteen her and Planche

  6. It does not matter. Once you say something you can not take it back, especially if it is in print.

  7. Michael Kroes2/28/2009 6:52 PM

    This reversal does not bode well for Harding's campaign. I concur with the prior posters' comments.

  8. So now she is a flip flopper.

  9. It takes a big wo'man' to reverse your point. I applaud you for that, although it did take a beating to get you to come to that point.

    When you run for public office, you need to be spotless and think before you speak. You must be politically correct before your mouth opens up. Sorry Jody. That one was very "out there." I'm afraid it just may be too late?

  10. Hindsight is always great. We all wish we could go back and change the things we say or the way we feel. Unfortunately, what's done is done. I think with the way she thinks -- ooops! -- thought -- only 1/4 of the people would be allowed to vote. I'm glad she changed her opinion. But I don't know that she did. It's another politician telling us what they think we need to hear to get in office and then do whatever. Her opinion is very well stated by her story. Can't say I disagree with her story and what's right or wrong. But it lumps everybody into one category. And that's wrong.

  11. "it never truly represented my beliefs"

    Beyond a flip flop. She didn't just change her mind, she argued a belief she never actually had. She may be the world's best new politician!

  12. I'm not voting for you know because I liked your idea and now you p*ssied down to the public. Oh, well.

  13. Well Jody, it takes character to admit when you're wrong. That's something that is sorely missing in our elected officials. I don't call admitting when you're wrong "flip-flopping." Talking out of your mouth on both sides, like most of our politians do, is truly flip-flopping. You got my vote, and my entire families.

    Just look at the previous comments and their hateful tone. These are liberals, probably mostly welfare cheats themselves, and you can't tell them anything. The last they would ever do is admit when THEY were wrong. They probably all still believe that Al Gore REALLY did invent the Internet.

  14. I agree with the last sender's comments. But, you left 1 thing out: Paul Soglin is an idiot lefty too. He goes too far. But he is right on 1 thing, those big companies that got billions in bail out money should lose their rights to vote (not the employees, only those that contributed to the bad management and got the money). Now they want MORE!!!!!

    Let's see? Jody = character, and all the rest running for mayor didn't even ooze out of the woodwork until after Becker got busted.

    Oh! Did you know that Hill-Driver has 2 foreclosers, a repo, and financial judgements against her? Yeah, this is the type of person I want for mayor. Jody is a CPA and is ethically squeaky clean. Go Jody! You have our vote.

  15. Overheard quite loudly out at dinner Sunday evening: Mr. Harding planning a "poison pizza party for liberals" when Candidate Harding said he couldn't "just shoot the bastards" because when "you cut off one head, you just get two more."

    Nice to see such a conciliatory attitude, such strong character!

    BTW, if you go to one of her fundraisers, bring a bag lunch!

  16. Well you know, he's not wrong.

  17. It sounds like they're right to me too. We have the liberals to thank for over taxation, over regulation, the systematic liquidation of the majority's civil rights to accomodate the minorities, the destruction of the Christian fundamentals this country was founded on, law prohibiting people from protecting themselves, the rights of criminals over the rights of victims, and the perpetuation of the welfare class. Thanks liberals. You can kiss our conservative grits!