January 13, 2009

SC Johnson to preserve historic fire station

The former First Station No. 1 at 1412 Racine St.

We heard back today from SC Johnson about the historic Fire Station the company bought in December at 1412 Racine St. The company plans to preserve the building. Here's the email from spokeswoman Jennifer Taylor:
SC Johnson did purchase the fire house in July and leased it back to the previous owner. When the lease expires, we plan to preserve the building as we believe it's a community treasure. At this time, we are uncertain of how the building will be used in the future but we do understand its importance and value to the community.
That's great news for city history, and a nice gesture by SC Johnson. The building could fit well with the company's plans to rebuild Uptown in conjunction with the city's Artist Relocation program. Perhaps a gallery one day in the former fire house?


  1. Thanks, SCJ, for purchasing and maintaining this significant building!

  2. It's an ugly eyesore.
    It should be leveled and turned into a kid's playground (without water). That would do a lot more good for the community.

  3. downtown_racine@yahoo.com1/13/2009 4:48 PM

    A playground in a contaminated industrial wasteland on top of a high traffic state highway. lOl

    SCJ is a good towerville resident. SCJ's new glass house is coming along.
    Green space is better than dilapidated slum.

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