January 14, 2009

First hats in the ring to succeed Becker

That didn't take long!

Former West Racine alderman Pete Karas said today he is "strongly considering" running for mayor.

If the mayor resigns as a result of his arrest last night, state law requires the city to hold a special election within six weeks.

Karas was the 9th District member of the City Council for five years, before resigning in November 2007 when an obscure state law came to prominence. Karas sold commercial insurance to some customers who hold liquor licenses; under state statute 125.51 (1b) aldermen are prohibited from selling anything to those who hold liquor licenses.

The JT gets a few more people to admit they're thinking about running. They include: Acting Mayor David Maack, Alderman Greg Helding and Alderman Q.A. Shakoor.

Another name that could come up: Pastor Elliott Cohen.

And don't forget about Ron Thomas - he nearly won the mayor's office in 2003 - and Jim (and Joyce) Smith may see an opportunity in returning to City Hall.


  1. Bahahahahahah...What a joke!

  2. Anon 4:35

    What a joke? Karas has done so many things to try and better the city of Racine. Show a some respect to someone who would actually BETTER the city rather than bring such shame and disgrace upon a city that's already suffering.

  3. Pete Karas would be a formidable candidate and is well respected by Republicans and Democrats alike. No joke!

  4. Racine needs a leader with integrity. Pete is a respected, intelligent public servant who is not out to shine a spotlight on himself.

    He is exactly what we need in this city. It's time we stopped all the ugly, petty hateful politics and moved the city forward, for our kids' future.

    Please stop the vicious, spiteful rants and hateful diatribes. It solves nothing.

  5. Mr. Karas has my 100% support. Far the best choice.

  6. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Storm-Racine/2009/01/15/Grading-the-Goverment-of-the-City-of-Racone

    9:00 AM

  7. Pete would be fine, so would Ron Thomas, the others - Nope.

  8. I would like to see QA run for mayor. I would vote for him.

  9. I think QA would be good for the City BUT my number 1 would be Pete

  10. Pete starts a lot of stuff but manages to finish,,,,,,,,what?? We need new, fresh, younger prospects for this position. This will be a tough one but I hope we look ahead,,,and not behind.