January 16, 2009

Racine Republicans call on Becker to resign

The Racine County Republican Party called on Mayor Gary Becker to resign today. Here's the statement from party chairman Bill Folk:
Racine mayor should resign.

We awoke Wednesday to find that our community has been changed by the actions of the mayor of the city of Racine.

On that morning we were informed that Mayor Gary Becker was arrested on multiple felony counts associated with solicitation of a minor. The other charges are just as heinous and do not cast Mayor Becker in a good light. We need to remember, though, that in this country we are all innocent until proven guilty and the Mayor has that right as well.

“I feel deeply sorry for the Becker family and hope that they will find their way through this awful ordeal,” stated Bill Folk, Chairman of the Racine GOP. “I have read a number of horrible things said about the Mayor on-line and I ask people to hold their opinions of Mr. Becker until he has had his day in court; he deserves that.”

Since the District Attorney has decided to file criminal charges the Racine County Republican Party calls on the Mayor to resign and allow the city the right to move forward while he defends himself in this criminal case.

“While the community may be bigger than one person, the actions of the mayor reflect on the city of Racine. Mayor Becker should resign so that Racine’s reputation is not further tarnished.”


  1. What member of the Racine City Council reelection campaign received $$ from Mayor Gary Becker's campaign? Will that money get given back? If not why not?

  2. What TWO members of the Racine council who may be members of the GOP received money from Mayor Becker
    and will anyone of them give that money back?