January 16, 2009

'He is the mayor'

Here's a sticky question: What's to stop Gary Becker from being mayor of Racine?

Answer: Nothing.

That's according to Deputy City Attorney Scott Letteney, who sent this response when asked if Becker could start acting as mayor again:
He is the Mayor. He has not resigned or been removed.
In other words, city government is a mess right now. Alderman David Maack is acting like the interim mayor, but there's really no basis for him to hold the position. Becker can walk into City Hall at any time and resume his duties as the city's chief executive.

The City Council's Executive Committee is meeting Tuesday to discuss the process for removing Becker from office, but they're a ways out from the formal vote to toss the mayor out (anyone know if a Racine mayor has ever been removed from office?).

We could be looking at a few weeks of a confusing mess at 730 Washington Ave.

One side note: If Becker did return to City Hall, he's not allowed to use a computer in any form. No email, no calendars, nothing. It's a condition of his bond.


  1. He also can't be around children. I'd hold a sit-in outside his office with all of my friends and their small children. Would that be effective at keeping him out of the office?

  2. Ha Ha good one! I liked the editorial in the Journal Times today. All it said in a BIG space is Mayor Becker, please resign.

  3. The Executive Committee is meeting on Tuesday - January 20, 2009 in Room 205 (Council Chambers) at City Hall at 5:30 PM to discuss procedures for removing Gary Becker from office. I strongly suggest you attend this meeting and voice your opinion respectfully to them. I also strongly suggest that all of you channel your disgust in this matter by being proactive and actually doing something about it. Call and write your alderman and demand action. Make your alderman accountable for his or her actions. Some are not leaders, only followers. They need to be voted out of office. Call and write the DA's Office and demand there isn't a plea deal for Becker. He needs to be held accountable for his actions and NOT be given leniency because he is/was a Mayor. Send a written, signed complaint to the City Clerk's Office at City Hall stating you are appalled at Becker's actions and demand his impeachment immediately. Make sure you sign the complaint and have your name and address on it. The address is: City Clerk's Office - 730 Washington Avenue - Racine, WI 53403. Don't rely on others to do this - do it yourselves. This is OUR city. The aldermen work for US. We have a choice to either sit back, complain and do nothing more than write on blogs - or we can stand united and demand the removal of this sick person from the office of Mayor. Gary Becker does not deserve to be paid his salary and benefits. That's OUR money he's getting. Demand that his City cell phone, P-card (City charge card), e-mail access, keys, etc. be confiscated and given back to the City. We deserve better leadership from our elected officials. Stand up folks and let your voices be heard. We don't have to take this anymore.

  4. He shows up all smug and arrogant, hell I'll join anyone to do a sit-in to keep him the hell outta city hall. Yes he can't be around anyone under 18 so he starts, we can all show up with our kids and he'll be forced to leave.

  5. Well, at least Becker is not appointing a Senator.