January 16, 2009

Becker's Hard Drive

Alright, it's Friday afternoon and I'm fried after a tough week for us all.

Amidst all this gloom and doom, how about a moment of fun? I've started calling the stories involving the mayor's fall, "Becker's Hard Drive." It evokes computers, late-night instant messaging and the mayor's fateful trip to Brookfield Square Mall.

But maybe it's a little lurid, and there must be a dozen ways we could go to tie a name on this scandal. So let's here your suggestions. We're looking for catchy titles that really wrap this whole sad saga together. The winner (or winners) get a free coffee on me.


  1. Becker's Pecker Lands Him in Hot Water.

    Scary Gary's Loose. Keep the Kids Under Lock and Key.

    Mayoral Monster

    I could go on and on. :(

  2. Dustin - I think "Becker's Hard Drive" would be a great name for a metal band.

    snatch.com ?

    Prepubescents do Convalescents ?

    Itsy bitsy teenie weenie meets yellow polka dot bikini ?

    Baby booty call ?

  3. Dont touch my daughter!1/16/2009 3:51 PM

    Diaper Swiper?

  4. Racine's Obscene.


  5. Mayor's Mischief

  6. Ha! Becker Bait! That's the early leader ...

  7. Dustin, Great blog, unfortinately, I am fried also and can't think. But thanks for the work you put in this week. Awesome. Sad but necessary.

  8. A little Rap:
    My name is Mayor Becker
    Just an average pecker

    I am very bold . .
    If you’re a 14 year old

    My hard drive’s full of chat
    You can’t tell that I’m fat

    I say I’m young & fair
    I don’t mention there’s no hair

    So maybe I am a prick
    With just an average dick

  9. The Spenner fiasco was nicknamed "Ice Cream Gate". How about "Becker Bait-Gate?

  10. Coming up short at the Food Court

    Underage Sex at the China Express

    Child abuse at the Jamba Juice

    Statutory rape at the Steak Escape

    Come-on at Cinnabon

    I can't think of a rhyme for "Sbarro" but that obviously would be the most appropriate restaurant name to work in.

  11. Dustin,

    I think I already know the answer, but just to be sure, which one of Gary's scandals are we trying to come up with a name for?

    1.) Drunk Driving w/Mayor Smith
    2.) Sexual Harrassment with staff
    3.) Child porn and enticement

  12. " m reed tard's tailspin"

  13. perverted primate gate

  14. Becker's Victoria Secret

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  16. Debating between..

    C:\Documents and Settings\My Incriminating Documents\GaryBeckerphiles.zip

    Portrait of a Pedophile as a Removed Mayor

    So many possibilities...

  17. "Loud mouth, arrogant blow hard Becker, chasing kids with his pecker."

  18. I'm sorry to see these posts here and the invitation to post them. While I do not condone or excuse the mayor's actions, please remember that he has a family in this community who I am sure are doing there best to hold their heads up, one minute at a time.

  19. I wonder why Gary Becker didn't think of that before he engaged in 1800 online sex chats with minors? Or why he didn't think of his victims or their families?

    Everyone goes on and on about BECKER. This isn't about Becker or his poor family - it is about the CHILDREN he has destroyed. Victims of sex crimes often wish they had been killed instead. They may be doomed to a lifetime of depression and despair. If you murder someone, their life is over, it is done. When you molest a child, their life sentence of pain and suffering is just beginning.

    I see no one here or anywhere else calling Becker's family names or blaming them for his misdeeds. He brought this on them, not us.

  20. Just call it "The Audacity of Hope." Oh, wait...guess that's been used.

  21. Molestation, sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse ARE traumatic, no doubt about it. But we mlust be careful to also say that people do and can heal from terrible abuse. There is much help available in our community -- many skilled and sensitive psychotherapists, counselors and other helpers.

  22. How about "Beckeritis?"
    If I win, Pete, you bring a glass of water to my table on Wednesday.

  23. How about "I Love Lil' Buds and I Don't mean Beers" Gate.

  24. "Becker takes his party to the big house"

  25. Urban Pioneer1/23/2009 1:56 PM

    Several good ones, and I'm gonna paraphrase a previous one.

    Beck-toria's Secret

  26. Hishonor to dishonor - in 5 minutes or less.


  28. Becker's youth outreach program goes from bad to worse.

  29. Becker: Racine on the Make.