January 15, 2009

All Saints lays off 43 employees

All Saints told its employees Wednesday that it's eliminated 43 positions because of the declining economy.

The cuts to Racine's leading medical provider falls in line with layoffs occurring throughout the Wheaton-Franciscan Healthcare system.

Along with the layoffs, All Saints cut some employees' hours and moved managers into direct-patient care. It also ended the contract with its concierge service, Best Upon Request.

Here's the letter sent out to employees:

Date: January 14, 2009
To: WFH-All Saints Associates,
WFMG South Market Physicians and Midlevels
From: Ken Buser, President and CEO, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints
Loren Meyer, MD, President and CEO, Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group
Re: Expense Control and Reduction of Workforce

As we have seen in the news and may be experiencing in our own homes, we are in the midst of an economic downturn most of us have never seen before. Unfortunately, the recession is also taking its toll on the health care industry. While we have been engaged in an Operational Excellence initiative for several years, the current environment requires us to respond by pursuing new and more efficient ways of providing care.

• Yesterday we eliminated the positions of 43 people within All Saints including four leaders. These changes affect both clinical and nonclinical areas and represent less than 2% of our workforce. The elimination of nursing staff was minimal. In all but a couple of cases, we were able to reassign nursing staff to open positions. Those associates leaving our organization will receive severance and support services consistent with their position and years of service.

• We've implemented additional changes to help bring us closer to our budget goals. One critical component to our financial performance is working to help departments meet their budget. To better match with patient volumes, some staff will experience a reduction of hours. Additionally, about 23 leaders will be shifting 50% of their time into direct patient care. Another 2% of our workforce is affected by these kinds of changes. And finally, we will continue to leave vacant positions open unless they are critical to patient care.

• Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group is changing care processes and adjusting staffing ratios consistent with current volumes. In the South Market, several WFMG positions are being eliminated in addition to a few reassignments to other areas with the Medical Group. WFMG is also reducing operational expenses and redesigning patient education programs.

• We also explored ways to redesign programs or services that were not financially sustainable, including the Comprehensive Pain Management program, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Resolve Through Sharing, and Senior Advantage. We will continue to provide these important services to our patients through existing resources. More information about these changes will be shared with you over the coming days.

• We ended our contract with our associate concierge service, Best Upon Request, and services will end in 90 days.

All Saints and WFMG's South Market are not alone in this expense reduction work. Over the coming weeks, other Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare sites will be making additional changes as well.

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  1. "All Saints lays 43 employees"

    Must be fun to work there! Always proofread.