January 16, 2009


If you look closely at this case, its origins are pretty weak.

A city computer tech finds a handful of pictures of naked women on the mayor's computer, decides the women look young and turns it over to police. The department (which Becker outsourced) also happens to know that Paul Burdick - a former employee - has a CD with the personal contents of Becker's computer saved on it from 2007. It's this CD that has one picture of a naked 10-year-old girl that resulted in the child pornography charge. It also led state officials to lure Becker into the meeting at Brookfield Square Mall.

Before I continue, let's be clear: Becker got caught red-handed. According to the complaint, he planned to a meet a 14-year-old girl at a mall, take her to a hotel room and have sex. If proven true, this is a disgusting act and the behavior of a dangerous man.

But that still leaves questions: Why did Burdick have the disk? Why did he, or others with MIS, wait to turn it over to police? Was the MIS department holding the disk over Becker's head?

And one more thing: Even without the sex stuff, city officials shouldn't be asking city employees to fix their computers (or do any personal work for them). That alone would be worth a sanction, if not resignation, for abuse of power.

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