October 28, 2008

West Sixth Street residents want security cameras turned on

I've been sitting on this post for three days waiting for the city to update its website with minutes from Monday's Public Safety and Finance Committee meeting. But it's Wednesday night and still no minutes, so here's what we have ...

Security cameras installed on W. Sixth Street by the police department are not yet working, according to residents in the neighborhood. They want the cameras turned on to fight crime. The City Council's Public Safety and Licensing Committee took up the issue at its meeting last night.

Read the residents' letter here.

Updates as they're available ...


  1. West Sixth Street is not considered West Racine. West Sixth Street is in Uptown.

  2. Good point. I changed the headline. Thanks.

  3. Actually, its not really Uptown. It is part of Downtown, right?

  4. It's not "Uptown", "Downtown", or "West Racine" - it's just "GHETTO"!

  5. This is no surprise about the cameras. All of the idiots that support this police chief should be ashamed of themselves.

    We already had 10 cameras in Racine that didn't work and Kurt Wahlen wanted 5 more! How stupid can you people be? Wahlen has Alderman Helding funding his madness with all these referendums as kickbacks for hiring his brother.

  6. This IS a surprise because there are no cameras in the West Sixth St. area, functioning or otherwise. No plans for cameras in that area were announced.

    If there are 10 non-functioning cameras in town as an anonymous poster alleges, I would love to know where they are.

    There are not "referendums". There is ONE referendum and it was passed by the city council with only 1 "No" vote. It will be up to the people to decide if they want to fund extra police patrols or not.

    You call people idiots and stupid and the police chief "mad"

  7. As I was saying, you the call people idiots and stupid and the police chief "mad". You have your facts wrong and you are hiding behind anonymity.

    Are we expected to take you seriously?

  8. Read this on the defective cameras:


    "There are about 10 cameras already stationed in Racine, but most are not working, Wahlen said."

  9. Thanks for the info. The difference between those cameras and the new ones is that the new ones are IP cameras and feed back through a computer network to a server that records the video. The server can be programmed to keep an eye on certain things and alert the police when activity occurs in certain areas. They are much more capable than the older cameras with are no longer used.

    In addition, the older cameras were put in by past police chiefs. Chief Wahlen can hardly be blamed if these cameras were broke or not used properly. If a past police Chief had experimented with squads that turned out not to work well, Wahlen would not be "mad" for purchasing newer squads that could do the work.

  10. So when can we expect the units to be up and working? My life time, my grandson's?

  11. Colt-

    Who promised cameras in your area and when? The council approved funding for plans that did not include your area.

  12. That is not what we were told by neighborhood watch.
    Good to know that the City of Racine does not care about the Crime in the inner city. That's right no art project just dead young men! Nothing to see here just move along

  13. if you want cameras on w. 6th st you should talk to your alderman. neighborhood watch is great but they don't speak for the council.

  14. Interesting my understanding is the Chief will be at our next meeting I will ask him what is going on.
    Not that anyone cares Downtown about the west 6th St area. Mostly Black mostly poor few care, no instead more art projects! More sister cities!
    What is a few more dead young black men?