October 26, 2008

JT reports city's massive health care spending increase

Hard as I may be on the JT, they're getting better at covering City Hall.

Stephanie Brien's story in today's paper about city retiree's health benefits is quite good. The gist:
The City of Racine currently spends about a sixth of its tax levy to pay for annual retiree health benefits, but a recent analysis found the city would have to spend half of its tax levy on those benefits to adequately prepare for the future.

The city would not be liable for future retiree health benefits if it were able to put an additional $15.25 million per year in revenue in its coffers, according to an analysis dated Aug. 8.

Brien points out the additional spending on health benefits would equal half of what the city raises in property taxes every year. That's not good.

I think we all need to look at this a little closer.


  1. This is one idea that bugs me. Why does everyone seem to get all the goodies. When I was released from my job (I am 68), that was it. I was on my own with UC and a little retirement (11,000) I still have no insurance except Medicare. It should be interesting when something major happens to me. I was offered COBRA but that cost 390+ a month.

  2. You know, Stephanie is becoming quite the reporter I'd say!

  3. But in the Mayor's budget address, he said the financial situation of the City of Racine is wonderful.

    Go figure.

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