October 30, 2008

City plans to raise bus rates

Here's the key graph from today's JT story:
If the city does not make some cuts to BUS expenses or raise more revenue the system could have a deficit of approximately $170,000 in the 2009 budget, according to Jones. That number is based on federal energy department diesel cost estimates for October, he said. The number could be different in November when new estimates are released.

Sorry to say, but we need a car tax (or rental car tax?) to support public transit. It's the only way we'll get people to consider alternatives to driving everywhere.

1 comment:

  1. Why should we tax people to force them to consider riding the BUS? I've also heard that enrollment at Racine Unified is down as well. Maybe we should tax all the private schools in Racine so people will realize the importance of our public schools.

    Maybe people aren't riding the BUS now because they have to drive 45 min to work since our glorious Mayor is more interested in bringing artists to Racine than good-paying jobs.