October 29, 2008

Unified voting on last budget under state revenue caps?

Lost in all of the attention over the presidential election this fall is the very real possibility that Democrats could take control of the state Assembly on Nov. 4.

If they pull it off, Dems would control the Senate, Assembly and governor's office, which could lead to a number of major changes. In no particular order:

1. Racine Unified may vote Thursday on its last budget with state revenue caps. Dems could eliminate those caps, long a favorite of Tommy Thompson Republicans, if they gain power. Risk: What would it do to local property taxes?
2. They could pass universal health care for state residents. Risk: The state is already $3 billion short on its budget. Where's the money?
3. KRM could become a reality. Risk: Hmmm ... Robin Vos will be upset?

I'm sure there's more issues Dems, who have been waiting a long time to gain power, or holding out for. This could have a bigger impact on our lives than any changes at the federal level, but it's hard to write about because there's little polling done at the state level. It's one of the subplots - a major subplot - of the upcoming election.


  1. Risk?

    We are stuck with a multi-million dollar lemming that will do nothing but hemmorage money.

    For being non-biased, you certainly are biased.

  2. Shhhhhh Dustin. Your not supposed to talk about the massive tax increases until after the election.