October 30, 2008

Super School Star! Lisa Kittel

Lisa Kittel

Horlick High School student Lisa Kittel helped a pedestrian struck by a vehicle on Oct. 7 in Kenosha. Here's the story from Horlick Teacher Diane Lange, who nominated Lisa for a Super School Star award:
I have a student in my Language of Medicine class, period 3, that recently intervened in a way that I believe needs to be given some special recognition.

On October 7 Lisa Kittel was returning from a swim meet in Kenosha at 8:00 pm. She was riding in a car with her mother and a friend of her mom's and witnessed a woman pedestrian being struck by a Suburban. They saw the woman laying in the street. Lisa sprinted across the road, stopping some civilians from lifting the womandue to the student's fears that the neck may have been injured. She assessed the woman and asked her what hurt. Rescue squad had been called. The woman complained of shoulder pain, hip pain, and abdominal pain on the left side where she had been struck. Lisa instructed people to block the wind and rain and another to call the woman's family. Lisa also attempted to direct traffic while they waited for the rescue squad.

When the rescue squad arrived, the woman was transported to the Emergency Room. Lisa reported then leaving the scene "soaking wet, but happy to have helped."

Lisa, a junior, is an honor student at Horlick High School. Congratulations to her, and thanks to Diane Lange for nominating her for a Super School Star award.

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