October 26, 2008

Over 4,000 people have voted early in Racine

Over 4,000 people have voted early at City Hall, according to a city employee taking ballots on Saturday. Another 2,000 ballots have been sent out to voters, the employee said.

To put that into context, 37,628 city residents voted in the 2004 presidential election. Based on the 2004 turnout, between 11 and 16 percent of city voters have already connected the arrows on their ballots.

That's good news for poll workers, who should see smaller crowds on Nov. 4 with so many people voting early. Then again, a big turnout for Obama could still make for long waits outside of the voting booths.

Couple of interesting numbers from 2004:

* City of Racine turnout was 69 percent of registered voters

* Countywide turnout was 82 percent

* Bush beat Kerry in Racine County 52,456 to 48,229.


  1. As long as we do not have voter ID in Wisconsin there will be massive voter fraud. Of course voter fraud only benefits Democrats but we will never read the stories of the FBI raiding Acorn offices around the US will we?
    Anything is allowed to get the Son of God Obama in office and then to keep him there.

  2. Colt, good comment and I agree 100 percent. It's amazing that voter fraud only help Democrats.