October 28, 2008

Kevin the Kitten looking for a new home

They're messing with me down at Countryside Humane Society.

The pictures the animal shelter sent me -- you see them both here -- are named "fido1.jpg" and "fido2.jpg." But, of course, you see the pictures... the sorriest-looking Fido I've seen in a long while.

Actually, his name is Kevin -- not much better! But there's a reason we have a kitten this week instead of a dog: Countryside is redoing its floors, so doesn't have many dogs right now. But cats -- ah, cats live in little cages until they are adopted.

Kevin is at the shelter with his sister Karen and his brother Kendal. He's neutered and although he's just 3-4 months old, he's already litterbox-trained. He really loves people, we're told, and gets along with other cats.

Interested? Visit Countryside, 2706 Chicory Road, or call (262) 554-6699.

And for those keeping track, our last dog, Garrett the Shih Tzu, did find a new home.

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