July 9, 2008

Vos makes it official

State Rep. Robin Vos is having so much fun in Madison, he'd like to go back this fall. The Caledonia rep put the cherry on the sundae of the news that he's seek re-election with a press release Wednesday.

Before we get to the release, we'll note that Vos is having a remarkable impact on the Assembly. Though relatively young and inexperienced, he's already one of the top Republican politicians in the state. If Paul Ryan ever leaves the First Congressional District, I'd be surprised if Vos didn't make a run for Washington.

He'll have a fight on his hands this fall. Dem challenger Linda Flashinski has name recognition, and I'm sure the state party would love to take out Vos. Vos will have some opposition from pro-KRM voters, but should run very strong west of Highway 32. The district leans Republican, and Vos is probably safe. The only wild card: business interests pushing for commuter rail dump a ton of money into the race.

Alright, enough armchair politicking ... here's Vos' announcement:


Nomination paper circulators collect 1,506 signatures

Racine - Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) announced today – one day after the state filing deadline for all candidates running in November's election – that 1,506 signatures have been gathered in support of his re-election effort to the Wisconsin State Assembly. This is over seven times the amount needed to be placed on the ballot and officials at the Government Accountability Board believe that this is the most signatures collected by any candidate for the Assembly this election cycle.

"I am extremely pleased with the overwhelming support I have received from every part of the district," said Vos. "This outpouring of support for my campaign indicates that Racine County residents are in favor of our message of lower taxes, improving the economy, better schools, and stronger families."

In April, Vos launched his door-to-door campaign to ask his constituents what the most important issues are to them. So far, almost 5,000 homes have been visited, and Vos hopes to knock on every door in the district at least once before the November election.

"Door after door, I hear the same thing," explained Vos. "Families are extremely concerned about the current state of our economy and want us to work on fixing it by lowering taxes, making health care more affordable, and reducing government waste."

Vos said he is not only thankful for the support of those that signed his nomination papers, but also to those that circulated them. Ninety six supporters of Vos personally circulated his nomination papers, collecting signatures from every part of the district, to assist in his reelection effort. Additionally, Robin has the endorsement of almost every town and village official in the 63rd Assembly District.

"One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is talking with the residents of my district," said Vos. "I look forward to having more important conversations as the summer goes on, and also, I look forward to continuing to take these concerns back to Madison to fight for solutions to make Racine County an even better place to live, work, and retire."

Vos officially turned in 400 signatures to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) – the maximum allowed by law.

Vos will be opposed by Linda Flashinski, who also earned the right to be placed on the ballot, after submitting 219 signatures – collected only in Caledonia and Mount Pleasant.

The election will be held on November 4.

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