July 10, 2008

Racine's Obama HQ will open July 16

The Barack Obama campaign opened its Kenosha headquarters today, and Racine's will open in less than a week.

The campaign headquarters for the Democratic presidential nominee will be located in the former Historic Century Market, 522 Sixth Street. It will have its grand opening celebration on Wednesday, July 16, at 6 p.m. (Update: Among those expected to attend: State Sen. John Lehman, Reps. Bob Turner and Cory Mason, and Mayor Gary Becker.)

Meg Andrietsch, a trustee in the Democratic Party of Racine County, said the office will have room for phone banks, offices, places for people to prepare literature drops.

Andrietsch, an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention in August, in Denver, said she has sent out an email call for volunteers to get the space cleaned up, and for furniture. "And food -- brownies, cookies, whatever -- these young volunteers always need food!"


  1. That is a pretty poor choice for the Obama Headquarters in my opinion. Obama already has the inner city vote, they would have been smart to locate it somewhere other than inner City Racine. Stupid. I'm sure Oliver and Shields are already holding out their hands too. Yawn, some things just don't change.

  2. Why this space was chosen, I don't know, but it's apparent that Sixth Street is a well-traveled street. In addition, there's a new coffee and snack shop in the building, the better for sustenance for campaign workers and visitors.

    A good use until a buyer or developer comes along.

  3. downtown_racine7/15/2008 8:03 PM

    I kinda wanted to try the new breakfast place "Blue Berries for Breakfast" which is opening on July 18th in the same spot as the Obama Hq.
    Now they have all kinda of alienating Obama symbols on the windows, Guess I'll just stick with the old reliable 3 Mile Rd DeRango's.

  4. A side note, Jim Spodick does not deserve the rent money.

    Sure 6th Street is well traveled, but not as well traveled as other areas of town that might encourage more people to get involved. The Kerry Headquarters 4 years ago which wasn't too far from this headquarters, was also a poor location. It should be somewhere more central, so that everyone feels included. Who came up with this idea anyway?

  5. The new cafe, Blueberries, is highly recommended. Good food, organic and tasty pastries a friendly owner.

  6. So Blueberries is recommended, that's great, but I agree it does not make this location a good choice for Obama headquarters.