July 12, 2008

Dragon boat races bring excitement to lakefront

The Pearl Division final with Red Hot Rebels in front


Diamond Division:
1st: Angelfish, 1:38.35
2nd: Kenosha West Row-tarians, 1:38.62
3rd: People Powered Propulsion, 1:46.39
4th: Calvary Clippers, 1:46.79
Jade Division
1st: Pale Ale Paddlers, 1:43.01
2nd: Wet Kennels, 1:43.17
3rd: Team RFD, 1:44.26
4th: WIN Dragons, 1:52.68
Pearl Division
1st: Red Hot Rebels, 1:46,58
2nd: Rowing Stones, 1:49.01
3rd: Aquaholics, 1:53.75
Race Director Jessica MacPhail congratulates Cap'n Hook

For those of you who keep track of these things, take note: This is the second year in a row that St. Cat's (Angelfish) has won the fastest division.

Original Post: Dragon Boat racing isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be -- not with rough waters, mud and fog to deal with even before the races begin.

Today's Dragon Boat races at Samuel Myers Park -- they'll continue through most of the day, weather permitting -- dealt with all three problems, and adjusted somewhat by reducing the number of people on each boat to 16, from the original 20, and after two races they even took off the dragon heads. Oh, sacrilege!!

Still, a good crowd was lined up to watch on the The Hill, and the food and entertainment at Samuel Myers Park are as good as ever.

Teams board for their heat...

Great view from the cheap (free) seats on The Hill

And, of course, an exciting photo finish

Pictures of the parade that opened the festival are HERE.

John Polodna has two slideshows set to music: HERE and HERE.

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