July 8, 2008

14 businesses cited for under-age tobacco sales

Are you under-age? Fear not, you can still buy cigarettes in Racine. You just have to know where to look.

Racine Police reported yesterday on three rounds of compliance checks they made between April and June, seeing whether clerks at 67 businesses would sell tobacco products to minors.

Investigators working with Focus in the Community and the City of Racine Health Department found 53 businesses in compliance with local ordinances and state law which prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors.

Fourteen were not in compliance. They could have their licenses revoked by the City of Racine License and Welfare Committee if there is a pattern of failure, but for now they were fined $550 for each violation -- whether for selling a pack of cigarettes or, in the case of one store, a single cigarette.

Here's a list of the 14 businesses that unlawfully sold tobacco products; four of them passed when rechecked during another visit:
Akash Food & Liquor 3945 Erie St (Passed on Re-check)
M + M Douglas Park 2101 Douglas Ave (Passed on Re-check)
MJ Food Mart 1347 Lathrop Ave
Magic Dollar Plus 1007 Washington Ave
Metro Petro 4301 Washington Ave.
Neighborhood Pantry 1511 W. 6th St. (Passed on Re-check)
Nick’s Supermarket 1407 Superior St.
Open Pantry Food Mart 2731 Durand Ave.
Sausage Kitchen 1706 Rapids Dr. (Passed on Re-check)
Super Mercado Jimenez 2210 16th St.
Taqueriz Arandas Restaurant 1501 Prospect St
Three Mile Citgo 600 3 Mile Rd.
Timers Beverage Center 3800 Northwestern Ave
Total 24 930 Washington Ave

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