July 11, 2008

Smoke-free celebration set at Shillings Irish Pub

The Racine on the Lake Tobacco Free Coalition (try to say that fast three times) is holding a celebration in honor of smoke-free air. Fittingly, the party will be held at Shillings Irish Pub, 611 Wisconsin Ave., the city's first -- and only -- smoke-free bar. Shillings banned tobacco on May 1 of this year.

The event, on Tuesday, July 22, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., will feature smoke-free air, smoke-free clothes and smoke-free food. Oh, and door prizes, special giveaways and a 10 percent discount to everyone who brings the flyer we've printed here. (Click on it to enlarge, then print it.)

Although Shillings is the only Racine bar to have gone smoke-free (the lounge in the Mariott Hotel also doesn't permit smoking, but it's located in Mount Pleasant), the coalition has issued a Smoke Free Restaurant Guide listing a number of family and fast food restaurants, as well as some other businesses, that have gone smoke-free.

"All restaurants and bars should be smoke-free," the brochure states. "This is a health issue. Secondhand smoke exposure is dangerous to staff and patrons. Secondhand smoke causes the same diseases in non-smokers as it does in smokers: heart attacks, asthma attacks and lung cancer.

"Restaurant and bar workers are affected too. They inhale enough secondhand smoke everyday to suffer from the same health effects as pack-a-day smokers. Only completely smoke free restaurants and bars are safe. Ventilation systems and non-smoking areas do not protect you and your family."

After the jump, we've printed the Racine on the Lake Tobacco Free Coalition's list of smoke-free establishments.

The Grounds Keeper, 327 Main St.
Wilson’s Coffee and Tea, 3306 Washington Ave.

Family Restaurants:
Salutes, 314 Main St.
Salinas, 1221 Douglas Ave.
Piglets Ham and Egger, 1401 N. Main St.
La Condesa, 1743 State St.
The Charcoal Grill, 3839 Douglas Ave.
Old Country Buffet, 4901 Washington Ave.

Shilling's Pub, 611 Wisconsin Ave.

Fast Food:
Arby’s Roast Beef, 3048 Douglas Ave
Chick-Fil-A, 5802 Durand Ave.
Taco Bell, 3358 Douglas Ave.
Subway, 5538 Durand Ave.
Subway, 520 Monument Sq.
Chicago Style Subs, 1536 Marquette St.
McDonalds, 2100 Lathrop Ave
McDonalds, 1520 State St.
Rocky Rococo, 6631 Washington Ave.
Quizno’s, 205 6th St.
Domino’s Pizza, 5100 Washington Ave.
Domino’s Pizza, 3743 Douglas Ave.
Burger King, 13348 Washington Ave.
Hardee’s, 1235 S. Green Bay Rd.
Pizza Hut, 5000 Washington Ave.

Yellow Ginger, 2300 Rapids Dr.
Lee’s Deli, 2615 Washington Ave.
St. Mary’s Medical Center, 3801 Spring St.
Wilbur’s BBQ and Catering, 318 6th St.
O&H Bakery, 4006 Durand Ave.
Skate Town, 1825 Sycamore Ave.
The Market, 1949 Racine St.
Ye Olde Cheese Box, 3315 Washington Ave
Sausage Kitchen Deli & Restaurant, 1706 Rapids Dr.


  1. Thanks for the list. We were at Shillings a few weeks ago and it is still standing room only to sit down and eat, so I don't see where the non=smoling ban has hurt them.

    Also Yuni's on Washington Ave went smoke free years ago, also have to wait for a seat now but it is so nice to breath the aroma of sausage rather than a butt.

  2. Great for Schillings and now club 6! Goes to show democracy and free trade work. If a business wants to go smokefree that is and should always be THEIR choice. Get a clue people, taking away an owners right to do business with a LEGAL product will only be the first stem. Wait till the do gooders start regulating food " for our own good" Slippery Slope people, mark my words.