July 8, 2008

The $865,193 check is in the mail, for bridges

Gov. Jim Doyle handed out almost $2.3 million yesterday to five cities to help cover the cost of maintaining and operating 10 lift bridges on Wisconsin's highways -- and the lion's share of the funds went to Racine.

Soon we'll find in the mail a check for $865,193 for the Main and State Street bridges.

Other cities that received lift bridge aid are:
Green Bay, $550,615.72, for one bridge
Manitowoc, $210,811.16, for two
Milwaukee, $667,653.40, for four
Two Rivers, $126.72, for one
The Governor's "Grow Wisconsin" plan calls for strategic investments in the transportation network to spur economic development.

The Lift Bridge Aids program reimburses cities for costs associated with maintaining and operating lift bridges on highways that provide connections to the state trunk highway system. The program is administered through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and funded through the Transportation Fund from state-collected highway user fees, motor fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees.

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  1. We'll need it. The old Main Street bridge lasted nearly a century. The new bridge needed major repairs within a few years. More modern garbage constructed from garbage materials by garbage workers. The reps got their kickbacks, though, so all is well.