July 8, 2008

It's down to the wire... filing period ends today

Update 2: The Janesville Post-Gazette interviewed Thomas, who told the paper: "I just decided not to run this year. There are some good people running this year. I probably will run again. I hope to.” Full story

Update, 6:30 p.m.: Jeff Thomas is nowhere to be seen!

The state Elections Board database was updated at 5:26 p.m., and it appears there was no candidacy filing by Dr. Jeff Thomas of Janesville, the Democrats' last four Congressional elections' sacrificial lamb to Republican Paul Ryan. Only the candidates mentioned below in our original post are listed as having met the requirements for a place on the ballot. Marge Krupp filed 1,525 signatures, and Joseph Kexel filed 1, 277. The other Congressional candidates' totals are below in our original post.

If it turns out to be final that Thomas is not running, his departure will be a relief to many Democrats unhappy with his non-campaign campaigns over the past eight years. Party leaders were loath to take sides publicly during spring and summer's run-up to today's filing deadline, but it was clear most wanted Thomas to step aside to make room for a more active and hopefully better-financed candidate.

In other races:

In Racine's 61st Assembly District, only incumbent Democrat Robert Turner and Libertarian George Meyers have filed.

In the 62nd Assembly district, it's incumbent Democrat Cory Mason and Libertarian Keith R. Deschler.

In the 63rd Assembly District, it's incumbent Republican Robin Vos and Democrat Linda Flashinski.

For Racine County District Attorney, only incumbent Republican Michael E. Nieskes has filed.

The complete list of filings is HERE.

Original post:

The filing deadline has arrived for the Nov. 4 general election.

By tonight, depending upon how quickly the Wisconsin State Elections Board database is updated after 5 p..m., we should know exactly who has filed for each race -- and who has not -- and which contests will require a Sept. 9 primary.

For example, in the 1st Congressional District, as of this writing shortly before noon, six candidates have submitted the necessary nomination papers.

Six, including Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican incumbent, and Joseph Kexel of Kenosha, a Libertarian. Wait a minute, shouldn't there be seven candidates? Haven't five Democrats been making the rounds most of the summer?

Yup. So far, Paulette Garin, John Mogk and Mike Hebert, all of Kenosha, have filed papers and the necessary signatures. Marge Krupp of Pleasant Prairie has filed, but her signatures total is not yet listed. Each candidate needs 1,000 -- but it's tradition to submit a number closer to the maximum allowed, 2,000. Ryan, in fact, submitted exactly that number; Garin, 1,986; Mogk, 1,971; and Hebert, a measly 1,223.

Missing in action so far this morning is perennial Congressional candidate Jeff Thomas of Janesville. But he has until 5 p.m. to make yet another run for the office he sought unsuccessfully four times already.

P.S. Am I the only person who wonders why Kenosha produces so many Congressional candidates, and Racine does not?


  1. I have wondered exactly the same thing.

  2. Signatures are great. Did you happen to get the amounts of money collected by all the CD candidates? I hate to keep harping, but without funds it going to be pretty hard to print decent lit and organize a professional campaign operation. BTW, are all the candidates full time?