March 22, 2008

Sticky Rice moving to Main Street

We'd been hearing for a while that Sticky Rice, the Thai restaurant occupying the second floor balcony of the former Historic Century Market on Sixth Street, was planning to move to Main Street -- but nobody at Sticky would confirm the new location.

Still won't, in fact.

But a walk down Main this afternoon brought me to the narrow window (next to the stairs to the upstairs apartment) between 345 Main Street, home for three years to Braun's Specialties, a wine and beer purveyor (and before that to the Racine County Convention and Visitors' Bureau), and 337 Main Street, former home of Wisconsin Discount Mortgage.

Peering in, what should I spy but some tables and chairs that used to be at Century Market. And looking through the blinds in the main storefront on the corner one can see the framework of an L-shaped bar under construction.

Further inquiries led to confirmation: Sticky is indeed going to inhabit part of the space -- most probably that of Wisconsin Discount Mortgage and the inside room that was filled with the copious wine selections offered by Braun's, while the storefront at 345 Main will become a cafe and bar. Separate, but connected to each other.

Exactly when is anybody's guess.

Given Sixth Street's construction schedule, immediately probably couldn't be soon enough.


  1. Yay I'm glad! I love Sticky Rice, but their location above the former Century Market was strange since the main floor was deserted. Except of course the nasty night club that operates in the back room.
    It's a good thing Sticky Rice is leaving before anything happened to one of their customers on one of those nights the club also operates.

  2. Sticky Rice serves fantastic food! Glad to see they are moving to a more accessible, busy and interesting location.

  3. Best news! Yum.

  4. I hope the new location makes it possible for them to serve food with some level of speed.

  5. David Geisler3/27/2008 8:51 AM

    I met the owner the other day and he was super nice...he is a welcomed neighbor.