March 22, 2008

CNH building office in Caledonia?

The Milwaukee Business Journal is working on a local bombshell of a story. CNH may be building a new 300,000 square-foot office building in Caledonia.

Here's the latest report from the Biz Journal, which describes the new CNH office building as the "largest pending office deal in southeast Wisconsin."

They haven't quite nailed the story, though. Officials from Legacy Development, owned by Caledonia's John Helding, and Twelve Oaks Investment Co. did not comment for the story.

The Biz Journal did report Feb. 29, though, that Legacy was selling 320 acres of its Twelve Oaks development - about half of the total development - to a Racine County investment group for $6.9 million, and work could begin on the land "late this year or early next year."

With the latest news, it seems like CNH is preparing to move on its new building in the near future.


  1. Are you aware that John Helding no longer has anything to do with the development of this project at Hwy K/v?

  2. Interesting ... Helding owns Legacy Development, right? The Biz Journal reports that Legacy sold 320 acres of land for the CNH building.

  3. Not sure Legacy still exists, per se. I don't recall seeing anything that the land was sold for the specified reason of the CNH building. It's very possible the new investment/development group that bought the land was simply taking over from a former partner. Do some checking around locally.

  4. WOW! You are on top of the news!!!!

  5. I find it intersting that CNH would be building a new office in Racine. This is considering the fact that most office jobs are being relocated to Burr Ridge, Illinois. Are there enough employees left in the area to fill such a massive office?

  6. Actaually I heard over a year ago that a large number of white collar jobs were going to be moved here from IL.

    That location makes sense. Easy access to the "I". Easy commute from Milwaukee and IL.

  7. Just the opposite - white collar jobs are going from WI to IL. Even more are going from the US to Italy.

  8. Racine offices are pretty full, some jobs have/are moving to Illinois. CNH has many many unfilled jobs, seems people understand how poor morale is within CNH. Italy is placing ridiculous demands on US workers. Worst part is, FIAT will be the winner and USA and US workers are losing. Company is doing everything to avoid paying taxes here. Thank you Mr. Marchione!


    This was posted in response to a Racine Journal Times story run on 03/14/08:

    RacineCountyBlog wrote: March 14, 2008 9:15AM CST
    Michael Burke, you missed some important facts in your article. Twelve Oaks Investment Co. is not really comprised of new investors.

    Twelve Oaks Investment Co. is more or less a successor company to Legacy Development Company, Inc. Gerald Goad, the registered agent of Twelve Oaks Investment Co., is an employee of Borzynski Farms (see link Joe Borzynski, in turn, is a shareholder of Legacy Development Company, Inc. along with John Helding and Dan Hintz. Stephanie Meiri, the attorney for Twelve Oaks Investment Co,, is the daughter of Joe Borzynski. Twelve Oaks Investment Co. probably just assumed the original Legacy Development Co. loan.