March 20, 2008

Bing, bang, boom: Council re-spends $2,164,617.45

As promised, today's special noon meeting of the Racine City Council went off like clockwork (if you ignore the fact that it had to be held in the first place because of a clerical error).

In short order, less than 15 minutes total, under the watchful eye of just two department heads (no public, no press 'cept for little ol' me), the 11 aldermen present whipped through a 16-item agenda and approved expenditures of $2,164,617.45 without a nay vote or a miscue. Even for a do-over, it was impressive.

Besides all the re-approvals of Public Works projects -- the largest item being the paving of Oakes Road at a cost of $1,270,796.43 -- the council also tweaked the city's graffiti ordinance, injecting a bit of common sense into the removal process. From now on, if a landlord needs, for just cause, some extra time to remove graffiti, the chief building inspector may grant it.

As always, leniency comes with a cost. "If the owner fails to comply...the chief building inspector may remove or cover the graffiti and all costs, fees and expenses ... shall be levied against the property."

And so to lunch...

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