March 19, 2008

Police, firefighters unions endorse Wisneski for City Council

The Racine Police Association and Firefighters Union endorsed incumbent Aron Wisneski for the City Council's 12th District seat.

"I am proud to accept their support," Wisneski said. "These men and women work hard every day to protect us from danger."

"That message came through loud and clear through his work on this year’s budget," said Craig Ford, Executive Board Member of the Racine Firefighters Local 321. "Aron worked hard to make sure we have the resources we need to protect the people of Racine."

"I have great working relationships with our Police and Fire Departments," said Wisneski. "I look forward to continuing those in my second term."

Todd Hoover, President of the Racine Police Association, had praised Wisneski’s work so far.

"Aron really understands the needs of his district. He has helped to strengthen the relationship between the Police and the people of the 12th District."

"When the troubles at the Speedway station started spilling into the neighborhood, Aron got involved right away," said Karen Nielsen, who lives near the gas station. "Aron worked with the police and helped to get things under control."

Wisneski was first elected to the Common Council in 2006 and is seeking re-election. He is being challenged by Joey LeGath.

The general election is Tuesday, April 1.


  1. Aside from the endorsement, whenever we watch the Common Council meetings, he started to impress us.

    He asks questions, probes, plays devil's advocate, he is interactive and seems to care. Most of the others seem to sit on their butts and don't have much to contribute.

  2. I agree - he has impressed us as well during this last year's budget meetings. He did not just settle for the pat answers given by the bureaucracy. He really wants to understand the issues before he makes a decision.

    Sadly, that is a refreshing approach in local politics.

  3. I hope Winsneski wins on the first.
    I fear that Anderson will lose. We do not need the head of the Bray Centing
    in City Government.

  4. Most of the candidates in past history that the Racine Police endorse turn out to be A-Holes. Let's hope this isn't the case.

  5. Mr Wisneski picked up the support of Green Racine.
    Read the list

  6. The cops and firemen endorsed the candidate that ISN'T a bar owner?

    There may be hope for this city yet!