March 18, 2008

Just about says it all...

A letter in today's Journal Times:
Positive coverage needed

I moved to Racine 12 years ago. I believed Racine was going to be a great place to raise my children. In the last couple of years I have doubted my decision. I know there is crime every where in every state but every time I read the news paper it seems like people are not safe to even walk down the street for fear of being mugged or beaten.

I will not even let my children walk to the store around the corner and they are teenagers. They have absolutely wonderful teachers, but it is no secret that our school system is falling apart. Just when I am ready to look for a new city to move to something happens to change my mind.

My children and I attended the St. Patrick’s Parade last Saturday. It was wonderful! The sense of community was all over the place. Before it was even over, the kids were asking if we could come back next year. Strangers were talking to strangers and everyone around me was just as impressed as I was.

I was stunned to open the paper the next day, only to find that all that was written about was Shilling’s Irish Pub and what they serve. I am sure it is a great place but why wasn’t anything else mentioned?

There were so many positive things going on and the Irish was over the place. I am inclined to just quit reading the paper. All it does it makes me feel like our city is a disgrace and that is just not the case. I feel like the paper should have a section dedicated to all the good things happening with Racine, like they do for the criminals.

Since The Journal Times did not take the opportunity to recognize the people that made the parade I will. Thank you so much! That was a great way to start the Irish holiday. We look forward to next year. I have told everyone I have came into contact with and they will also be coming next year. Thank you, Racine. There may be some bad apples around but there are more good people than I thought. We will continue to live in Racine and be proud of our city. Thank you!

Pamela Kraimer

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  1. Thank you so much for this site, Dustin. As long as the JT continues to promote every petty crime as a sign of the apocalypse, i will continue to read and promote your blog.

  2. If the JT does change its ways, hopefully you'll keep reading us, too!

  3. If we want to read good news then we have to make the news.
    Are the readers going to send in info from say Earth Day Projects?

    Then too I worry that Crime will be put on the back burner because we do not others to see Racine's issues.
    Myself I want to know about folks being robed so I can avoid the area or change the times I shop there.
    I want to read what the Thugs look like so I can call the RPD if I see them