March 17, 2008

Four pups straight from the cleaning supplies shelf

Four brothers are up for adoption this week at the Countryside Humane Shelter -- and some of them are perfectly named for you SC Johnson employees out there.

The others -- well, I suppose you could rename 'em if you must!

The boys are three-month-old Border Collie/Golden Retriever mixes, all black with a small touch of white. (As you can see from the picture, very difficult to photograph; please don't hold that against the dogs.)

There were six of them: Oxi, Borax, Glade, Comet, Fantastik and Ajax, but Fantastik and Ajax have been adopted. You can't tell them apart (Countryside uses color-coded collars, but that's cheating).

And how did they get those names? They were transferred from a humane society that was full, and when they arrived here they smelled like a cow barn (a dirty one; manure, ya know). Countryside used some good-smelling soap and bathed the dogs multiple times before they were presentable. The names of cleaning products just came naturally...

Countryside names about 2,000 dogs each year. "I keep a notebook of the names, to keep track of what was most popular, and to make sure we don't release 15 dogs named 'Buddy' into the area," said Countryside's Maggie Skovera.

In any case, Oxi, Borax, Glade and Comet will need training; when they arrived here a week ago they'd never been on a leash. But they are fast learners, laid back and gentle for puppies. They are available to families of any age.

The most recent of Countryside's dogs featured here, a Lassie look-alike named Nick, has found a new home.

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