July 10, 2010

'That's how we roll!' NBA All-Star Caron Butler holds fifth annual bike giveaway in Racine

Caron Butler talking with kids before going on a bike ride. Butler thanked Walmart and the Racine Police Department for their help in putting the event together. 

Riding down Sixth Street on a new bike, donning a new helmet, a young man yelled out, "That's how we roll!"

Both the bike and helmet were gifts from NBA All-Star Caron Butler, who returned to Racine this weekend to take part in his fifth annual bike giveaway. Butler, a Racine native and member of the Dallas Mavericks, hung out in the parking lot of City Hall Saturday while 250 kids between 6 and 16 years old received new bikes and helmets from Walmart. To receive a bike, the kids had to sign a peace pledge and get the signature of a law enforcement officer.

The event, called the 3D Bike Brigade, was part of Butler's day-long 3D Summer Explosion. Also Saturday, Butler is hosting a free concert at Memorial Hall featuring national recording artists Wacka Floca Flame and Yo Gotti, along with Washington D.C. radio DJ Big Tigger. The 3D Summer Jam is serving as a fundraiser for the Racine County Food Bank. More than 300 people lined up outside of Memorial Hall Friday night to donate canned food in exchange for tickets. The concert is Saturday at 5 p.m.

After the show Butler and other nationally recognized basketball players with Racine ties will meet at the Bray Center for a game.

Along with basketball, Butler is known for his charitable efforts in cities where he plays. He started the bike giveaways in Racine and developed a similar event in Washington D.C. Both have drawn national attention.

Here's more photos from Butler's 3D Bike Brigade in Racine on Saturday ...

Kids waiting outside of City Hall to receive their new bikes.

The Peace Pledge all children had to sign to receive a bike from Butler.

The line outside of City Hall on Saturday morning. 

Kids line up waiting to ride with Butler.

A police officer gets ready to lead Butler and the "bike brigade" down Sixth Street.

And they're off ... 

Butler riding with radio host Big Tigger.

Everyone was required to wear helmets.