July 5, 2010

Racine Threat player promises win over Raiders

No. 59 Darius Nunn during the Fourth of July parade

The Racine Threat, a Racine semi-pro football team, walked the Fourth of July parade Monday making a bold claim: They said they'd beat the Racine Raiders this year.

The Threat, defending champions of the MidState Football League, are scheduled to play the Raiders on Aug. 21 at Horlick Field. The Raiders joined the MSFL this year. Formed in 1953, the Raiders are by far the oldest team in the league. The Chicago Thunder, formed in 1991, is the next oldest team. The Threat were started in 2002.

The JT reported last month the Raiders left the North American Football League for the MSFL for financial reasons.

The Threat's Darius Nunn (above) wasn't shy in making promises during the parade. In no uncertain terms, he guaranteed a Threat victory over the Raiders next month. That type of talking is sure to intensify the rivalry in the coming weeks, and lead to a great local football game.