February 16, 2010

Whoops! JT reverses police spokesman's meaning ...

The JT's Paul Sloth did a good story today about the Police Department's nuisance vehicle on Sixth Street. But, as happens in news stories, a missing word reversed the meaning of a police official's statement.

Here's the graph:
(Sgt. Bernie) Kupper said he thinks the vehicle would deter legitimate customers from shopping at legitimate businesses.

"We're trying to provide a police presence, no different than putting a drone squad car on a side street to make people aware we are monitoring what is going on," Kupper said.
Can you spot  the missing word? It's "not" after "would" in the first sentence. Kupper confirmed the JT's typo and said it's the PD's position that the nuisance vehicle would not deter legitimate customers from legitimate business. 

Kupper said he spoke with the JT and they plan to issue a correction. 

p.s. Of course, this opens RacinePost up to all sorts of grammar/word cops, which is fine. That's the price of being in the writing business.

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