February 17, 2010

Civic leaders will be your server at Empty Bowls

Let's get one thing straight: The empty bowls at the Empty Bowls fundraiser do not stay empty for long.

Instead, the hundreds upon hundreds of hand-made soup bowls will be filled with delicious homemade soups made by Racine's finest chefs and served with bread and beverage.

This is a hunger-fighting event on two levels. Its chief purpose to remind us that there is always an empty bowl somewhere. And, of course, to raise money for the Racine County Food Bank and the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization shelter. Since 1997, Empty Bowls has raised more than $57,000.

Its latest incarnation will take place on Monday, March 1, with servings from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., all at the Masonic Center. Use the 1012 Wisconsin St. entrance.

Patrons will be able to choose a handmade ceramic bowl, enjoy live music, and your choice of soups and bread served by a panoply of Racine's civic and business leaders. Among the servers you'll find the mayor and police chief, council members, a state representative and school superintendent, a judge, the chief executives of RAM, Twin Disc, the Johnson Foundation and the United Way. Even Miss Racine!

Oh, and yours truly of RacinePost! (Mention that you're a fan, and I'll make sure your bowl is filled to the brim!)

Below is the complete list of servers, in case anyone wants to make dinner plans based on that. The cost for "a simple meal of soup, bread and beverage" -- and a hand-made bowl to keep -- is $15 for adults. Kids younger than 10 eat for $5; soup to go is $7.

Bring a canned good donation and / or an empty bowl from a previous year and earn an additional chance to win a special bowl set.

And now, here's the server schedule:

Early Lunch 11-12:30
1.John Dickert
2.Dave Maurer
3.Dan Taivalkoski
4.Donnie Snow
5.Pete Selkowe
6.Mark Hertzberg
7.Jim Spangenberg
8.William Mc Reynolds
9.Katie Oatsvill
10.Russ Weyers & Cheryl Thomas
Late Lunch 12:30-2
1.Mark Eickhorst
2.Robert Turner
3.Jim Kaplan
4.Kevin Cookman
5.Tom Friedel
6.Brian O'Connell
7.Tracy Nielsen
8.Maggie White
9.Bruce Pepich
10.Amy Heartal
Early Dinner 4:00-5:30
1. Monty Osterman
2.Andrew Meuler
3.Miss Racine
4.David Maack
5.Sandy Weidner
6.Jim Shaw
7.Jeff Coe
8.Karen Bayer
9.Christopher Oley
10.Laura Tomasek
Late Dinner 5:30-7
1.Kurt Wahlen
2.Midge Green
3.Aron Wisneski
4.Robert Carlson
5.Roger Dower
6.Betty Anne Dower
7.David Smetana
8.Steve Hansen
9.Dennis Barry
10.Mike Batten


  1. 4:00 PM looks good

  2. This is really a wonderful event - it's fun while helping out our needy. If you have not gone, I highly recommend that you do.

  3. I notice Dickert taking the least attended time to be there.

  4. Anon 1:26....Least attended? This is the lunch hour? Are you mad? Have you ever had a job and served over a lunch hour?

  5. 2:47 - I suggest you read the entire article. You do not know what you are talking about - it is not just the noon hour.

  6. Dickert and his idiots will serve BS Soup with stale crackers. I wonder if he'll shine some shoes?

  7. I'm going to the late dinner session so I can see my favorite Alderman.

  8. I would just like everyone to know that the Mayor showed up 30 minutes late and left at 12:15. He scooped a grand total of three bowls of soup since he spent most of his time joking around with one of the council members. One of the other volunteers had to cover for him and he and his entourage were nothing but a distraction.

  9. 12:59 - what the hell are you talking about? The event is not until next week.

  10. Excellent! However, if we had a just socio-economic system which protected all our citizens from poverty, such events wouldn't be necessary. Nonetheless, may God bless all the participants!